Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oh Ji Ho looking pleased.

OJH does not look unhappy at having been bashed around which makes me wonder what the other guy looked like after the encounter...
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Oh Ji Ho - OH!

Finally, the computer situation is under control! Here's something to celebrate with. Thanks for your patience.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh Ji Ho - Gangster Hearts

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It's so nice to see that great Oh Ji Ho laugh of his!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oriental Daily News-My Wife is a Gangster 3 Article

Hong Kong Daily Hails “My Wife is a Gangster 3” (2006/08/23)

The influential Hong Kong daily Oriental Daily News published a full-page article on its front page on August 19 about the South Korean movie "My Wife is a Gangster 3".

The final scene of "My Wife is a Gangster 3", which stars Hong Kong star Qi Shu, was secretly filmed August 18 in Hong Kong. The scene shows Qi Shu and another Hong Kong star, Ken Lo, fighting on the roof of a building. The movie's production company kept the location of the scene under wraps, but the next day Oriental Daily News had published a large photo of the filming site.

The production firm's CEO said he was surprised to see the photo in a copy of the newspaper that his production crew brought from Hong Kong, adding that the paparazzi had probably hidden in a nearby building.

The newspaper posted the photo of Qi Shu and Ken Lo shooting the scene and described the atmosphere of the filming site in detail.

The article was published under three dramatic headlines: "Outraged Mafia member Qi Shu Slashes Ken Lo", "Qi Shu Ponders Her Life in Front of Gun Muzzle", and "Bloodshed on Rooftop".

The article said that film experts praised Qi Shu when she was shooting the scene, and that she was wearing tight clothes and wielding a dagger with her face covered in blood stains. The newspaper also wrote that the actress slightly injured her back when Ken Lo accidently hit her as he was overly engrossed in the acting. "Qi Shu was hurt enough to shed tears but resumed filming after a brief break, to the applause of the production crew", wrote the newspaper.

Oriental Daily News also wrote that Qi Shu treated the production crew to ice cream and snacks because the weather was extremely hot when the scene was being shot.

At the bottom of the page, the newspaper also introduced the first two parts of the "Married to Mafia" series, saying that Hong Kong star Zhang Ziyi appeared in a cameo in the last two scenes of the movies.

"My Wife is a Gangster 3", the last in the comic movie series, will open late this year. Unlike the first two installments, starring actress Sin Eun-kyung, "My Wife is a Gangster 3", which stars top Hong Kong stars, depicts a story of a female Hong Kong mafia member who is banished from Hong Kong and comes to Korea, where she is protected by the Korean mafia. The cast also includes Lee Beom-soo, Hyeon Yeong and Oh Ji-ho.

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My Source: Han Cinema Newsletter

Oh Ji Ho - Update re posting.

As it turns out, my computer is still in pieces, therefore, in Limbo. I expect to have it back in my hands within the next two weeks, greatly improved and running like a champ (fingers crossed here).

Since this is a borrowed computer, I don't want to load graphic files into it, so photos will not be posted during this time unless I lift an article from another of my sites, since I can do that easily, and it does not require putting data into this machine.

So, the upshot is, drop back in to check for any new commentaries, or news I come up with. Also go into The Hyacinth Papers to check for new things there. The Hyacinth Papers is a site primarily dedicated to Asian film/drama, but that also includes general movie comments (usually snarling about films I hated).

I miss you people who pass through here, and hope your patience with me is still functioning.

Thanks for waiting.

Best wishes to you all,