Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it ever easy? No.

You can call this the After Single Papa Syndrome.

Single Papa was a nightmare. After having watched the depressing ratings that seemed to go nowhere but down, a case of pre production jitters hit me. I even dreamed last night about the making of the upcoming drama.

The dream was absurd.

Oh Ji Ho was walking the dog in a park, and decided to allow it to run a bit without a leash. The dog looked up at Oh Ji Ho, Oh Ji Ho looked down at the dog in disgust because he didn't like walking him for bathroom purposes.

Then the dog took off like a bat out of hell.

They were both running full speed ahead, but the dog, being younger and a non-smoker, had the advantage, and left Oh Ji Ho in the dust. Finally they both slowed down, with Oh Ji Ho gasping and swearing at the dog, and the dog giving Oh Ji Ho amused dog looks.

He lay in the grass panting slightly as Oh Ji Ho wheezed his way toward him. Just as he was about to dive onto the dog and attach the leash, the dog took off again.

By this time Oh Ji Ho was out of patience. Any concern for his image went out the window. He let loose a stream of rant, finishing off with a statement along the lines, the dog farted too much, had bad breath, shed hair all over the place, peed on his favorite shoes, and wasn't even fit to eat, let alone be on TV.

Of course there was a large audience for this mini comedy/drama. The inevitable cluster of ajummas were scandalized to the extent they started yelling at Oh Ji Ho, and saying, "Boycott the new drama. This man is not nice to dogs!"

I woke up with the thought in my mind..."I'm going to go kill myself..." Then I started laughing in wary relief. "It Was just a dream", I said.

HOWEVER, there is a rumble in the land:

Media Workers Launch General Strike
Thursday, February 26, 2009 18:59:40

The National Union of Media Workers has launched a general strike in protest of the ruling camp’s introduction of bills seeking revisions to media laws.

Starting at 6 am Thursday, unionists of the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation, one of the nation’s major TV networks, began boycotting production. Nonunion members are filling the vacancies left by workers who are on strike.

Unionized members of the Seoul Broadcasting System also decided they will join the strike if the media bills make their way to a plenary session of the National Assembly. Unionized workers at EBS, YTN and CBS are also deciding when to join the strike and what their level of participation will be.

Union workers at KBS who withdrew from the National Union of Media Workers last year also denounced the GNP's unilateral introduction of the media bills. In a statement on Thursday, the KBS union said it will hold a vote on March second on whether to join the strike. The statement said it will immediately launch a general strike if the GNP puts the bills to a vote at a plenary session of the National Assembly.

The 22 media reform bills would allow major newspapers and conglomerates to own broadcasting companies, including cable TV networks. They would also be allowed to own between a 30 and 49 percent stake in news-only cable channels and other cable networks that will offer a complete range of programming, including news and entertainment.

The GNP says revisions to media laws are necessary to respond to the changing media environment and to create jobs. But opposition parties and critics of the media bills say they would result in the monopolization of media markets by a handful of conservative newspapers and conglomerates.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio LINK

Let's all keep our fingers crossed, and be nice to dogs. March 9, 2009 was a bad day astrologically. March 16, 2009 is much better. I want to believe things will work out well. I have a feeling that it will, but after Papa, I, as I said above, do have the jitters.

And to all, a good night.

Queen of Housewives Verification

The opening date for Queen of Housewives has been verified as March 16, 2009 at 21:55.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

While you're waiting...

This is a picture of the official Oh Ji Ho fan club home page. When you enlarge the photo, it will fill most of your screen depending on the size of your monitor.

Click image to enlarge, then stand back. It's big.

I strongly suggest you visit the site. Even though you are not a member, you can still access some photos by clicking on "GALLERY". It's fun. You'll like it. Get to the site by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The new show may in fact be opening on March 16, 2009, not March 9, 2009 as previously posted. There appears to be a discrepancy in listings.

East of Eden is currently in the MBC 21:55 time slot on Monday and Tuesday. Queen of Housewives will be the next drama. If I see any other data regarding scheduling, I'll post at once.

Meanwhile, my final Harry Potter book has arrived, and I'm dying to read it. So, I'm off for now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Queen in Ascension

From the promo shots, this has a definite look of female in ascendancy. Please note, the Queen is comfortably positioned to whack her husband on the head with a skillet.

Click image to enlarge.

Catch you later. Have a bright and shiny day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


If you want to see more promotional pix for the upcoming Queen of Housewives, you can go directly to MBC for them. They are gigantic. Wallpaper size. See them here.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I do or don’t know…

The new MBC mini drama/comedy Queen of Housewives, apparently centers around three couples. One couple, played by Oh Ji Ho and Kim Nam Joo, brings the pair together again after nearly a decade.

They were co-stars in the movie I Love You, an intense story which brought out a lot of angst in the characters.

I felt they worked well together, and look forward to seeing them in an entirely different setting.

Oh Ji Ho will be playing a spouse who dabbles in infidelity, which is bound to outrage some, and drive others to engage in wild fantasizing. Whatever rings your bell.

Rather than being the weighty and critically moralistic vehicle Autumn Shower was, it’s possible this work will put a lighter spin on the cheating heart (and other parts, etc.) factor since it is a slice of life, and who among us hasn’t been lured or tempted by one thing or another?

There is a description of the show which I just came across at K-popped. I would call it a pretty good short synopsis, written with wit. Check it out. LINK

So far, Dramawiki has minimal data other than cast listing and scheduled time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Here's something for you.

This article below would probably serve as a synopsis of 'Queen of Housewives' if you can read it in the original language.

2009-02-20 11:45
[뉴스엔 송윤세 기자]

“너무 편해 연기가 안 되면 어쩌죠?”

‘내조의 달인들이 펼치는 맛있는 비빔밥 같은 이야기’를 표방하는 MBC 새 월화 드라마 ''내조의 여왕''(극본 박지은/연출 고동선, 김민식)에서 남다른 인연의 김남주-오지호-이혜영이 만났다.

배우들은 작품에서 좀처럼 다시 만나기 힘들지만 이들은 셋 다 반가운 인연으로 한 작품에서 뭉치게 돼 ‘너무 즐겁다’는 반응이다.

김남주와 이혜영은 평소 또래 여성 연기자들과 함께 친목 모임에 참여하고 있는 두말할 나위도 없는 ‘절친’관계. 1999년 MBC 드라마 ‘왕초’에서 같이 출연한 이후 두 번째 만남이다.

또 오지호는 두 ‘여인’과 남다른 작품 인연이 얽혀 있다. 김남주와는 2001년 영화 ‘아이 러브 유’에서 이루지 못한 사랑을 간직한 연인으로 만났고 이혜영과는 2004년 시트콤 ‘형사’에서 연인으로 호흡을 맞췄다.

김남주는 “워낙 둘 다 편안하게 보았던 친구와 후배다 보니 오랜만에 복귀한 촬영장 분위기가 너무 든든할 것 같다.”며 환하게 웃었다. 오지호 역시 “두 여자 선배들과는 마치 패밀리 같다”며 “처음의 어색함이 없이 바로 호흡이 맞는다는 점에서 출발 느낌이 좋다”고 전했다.

이들은 포스터 촬영 때도 서로 남매처럼 친구처럼 반가움을 보이고 편안하게 촬영에 임하면서 찰떡 호흡을 과시했다.

한편 ‘내조의 여왕’은 고교시절 학교에서 한 미모하던 퀸카 천지애(김남주 분)가 서울대 출신의 훤실한 매력남 달수(오지호 분)와 결혼에 성공했지만 사회 조직 적응력이 ‘제로 맨’에 가까운 달수가 백수로 지내면서 화려했던 천지애의 수난시대가 시작되는 코믹한 내용이다.

김남주와 오지호가 부부로 등장하고 이혜영-최철호 커플, 선우선-윤상현 커플이 펼치는 드라마 ‘내조의 여왕’은 3월 9일 첫방송된다.

Got that? No? Oh, well try this then:

Google Translation: Korean » English

[Songyunse nyuseuen News]

"If you're not too comfortable smoke What do we do?"

'Wife of the master of the story unfold like a delicious Bibimbap' to stand for wolhwa MBC new drama queen of''wife''(a play Park / director godongseon, gimminsik) in the unique bond of gimnamju - ohjiho - yihyeyoung met.

Actors work hard to meet again, but rarely in the clot in all three works have a good relationship 'so fun' is the reaction.

The usual age and yihyeyoung gimnamju with female actors in the mixer and goes without saying that no 'jeolchin' relationships. 1999 MBC Drama 'padrone' a film together is the second meeting.

The two ohjiho 'woman' and the outstanding work that he is involved. With gimnamju in 2001 for her love, unfailing love in the unfulfilled lover yihyeyoung met with the 2004 sitcom 'criminal' as a lover in the hit breathing.

Gimnamju the "so both hubaeda friends and I saw a comfortable atmosphere for a long time back too deundeunhal is set." He smiled brightly. Ohjiho too "with two women like you are family," the "first right of breathing without awkward start in the right to have a good feeling," he said.

When they shoot each other poster said bangaum like friends, like brother and sister comfort each other breathing and had to shoot imha.

The 'Queen of woman's beauty in high school, the school was kwinka cheonjiae (gimnamju minutes) from the Seoul National University hwonsilhan charmer dalsu (ohjiho minutes) and the marriage was successful, but the social organization, adaptable to the' zero-Man dalsu close to the going to the unemployed, the colorful era to the beginning of heaven and earth, the sufferings of a child is comical.

Gimnamju and as a couple and ohjiho yihyeyoung - choecheolho couples, seonwooseon - despite a couple yunsanghyeon Drama 'wife of the Queen's March 9 is the first broadcast.

Now I know it's all clear for you, I feel so much better. Here are two photos to go with the text.

Click images to enlarge.

What's doing?

Hillary Clinton visits South Korea, North Korea rattles the saber, and Oh Ji Ho is working on 'Queen of Housewives', a new comedy/drama, or drama/comedy. (As you prefer.)

It will air in early March on MBC.

The title is open to perpetual change, of course, along with misinterpretation, and all the other South Korea to oddities we find so endearing.

I found a bunch of photos via the news when I finally wandered up to check it out yesterday, but will only post this one because it strikes me as amusing.

The rest of them will glut the web before long. I'll do my share of glutting I suppose. Just not today.

Meanwhile, check out the matching hairstyles. I love this.

Click image to enlarge.