Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - My Wife is a Gangster 3 now available!

My Wife is a Gangster 3, is here at last, and I for one, am tickled pink to see Oh Ji Ho in another breakaway role; out of frequently cloying routine dramas, back into movies where he is given the opportunity to strut his stuff unconfined by the de rigueur morality play structure of many, though not all, K-Dramas.

He has expressed desire in the past to do movies; to finally make the break into something where versatility is desired, and innovation is lauded.

His previous movies have received a tepid response at times. One film, a sterling piece of work, is I Love You. He plays a driven man filled with anguish; reeling drunk at times in an effort to chase the sound of a tragic love's echo out of his mind. He smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol, and makes love once with the woman who has loved him all no avail since he was besotted with love for another.

Ah the circle of love from which one might hang suspended over a pit of vipers.
A refreshingly painful journey without a sledgehammer morality message getting in the way of the tale. Bravo!

It may in fact, supersede other works, and be declared my favored movie of his. Only time and future exposure will allow me the luxury of such a choice.

I withhold judgment.

La Belle (Mi in) stands in a class by itself, and would be denigrated by ranking it. It is a classic, and to this day, a perpetual complex puzzle to me.

For too long I have awaited this new gem, with it's balletic displays of martial arts; it's gorgeous, sexy lady lead, the very competent Shu Qi, and the peculiar unfolding love tale in which she becomes immersed. I wait with glee for the promised ribald humor perhaps complete with tasteless jokes. What a joy to view freedom!

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This Limited Edition set is in Region 3 format. It will not play in a Region 1 DVD player. If you have a Region 3 player, or a Region-Free/Region 0 player, you're in business.

Online order sources are: Yes Asia, HK Flix and DVD From Korea.

As a potential buyer, you should explore all avenues, and select the merchant that best suits your needs. Your choice may depend on where you live.

See still photos from the movie, posted below.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - Hawaii 2007 - KITV Live News

Thumbs up and a tip of the hat to Mace Windu of Hawaii K-Drama Fans Forum. Thanks for putting this together. Nice job too!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - Hawaiian Birthday Bash 2007

Oh Ji Ho patiently waiting in the wings

for Colleen to introduce him...

The party turns out perfectly!

President Colleen Chun, and members of the Oh Ji Ho International Fan Club.
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Where I was raised, a party was considered a success if no one fell face down in the cake; there were few incidents of food being lobbed across a table; and nobody got their fingers blown off because they tried to set off 5 noisemakers at the same time.

None of these things happened in Hawaii, therefore, I consider the party to have been a success. Must admit when Colleen mentioned a party hat on Zio, I got a litle antsy, but the choice of a crown in a tasteful shade of blue could not have been better...and he does like hats. All is well that ends well.

Please note, once again Colleen winds up with Zio's arm around her, while he has a big happy smile on his face.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

From your worldwide friends and supporters!

Comments for Zio on his birthday:

Happy Birthday Zio!!!!!!!!
love from Zio Babe 0044
Happy Birthday Zio!
I hope you're doing ok now...

Zio Babe 0045

From O. (Soompi)


Just like to wish Oh Ji Ho Happy Birthday. 14 April is also my birthday, so I remember. Hope he'll leave the bad things behind him and start anew. He's great in Fantasy Couple. I hope we see more of him in future.

from Hong Kong

"Your smile lights up the world and makes people forget their troubles for a while. In case you don't feel like smiling right now, I'll share one of mine with you and I hope that you will forget your troubles if only for a moment. Looking forward to seeing you here in Hawaii later this month, but for now, here's wishing you the best of everything on this special day! Sarangheyo ... Aloha ... Love You!" >^..^
Happy Birthday... Zio!


Thinking about you... I hope you are in good health. I wish you much love and happiness today and everyday throughout the year.
This greeting comes to you from Hawaii. Looking forward to meeting you... Keep smiling... it brings much happiness to our hearts :)


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Gentleman is in Mourning

The photographs you've seen on Korean language news searches are stills lifted from a filmed 2.50 hours long interview, during which he broke down several times. He left the table a few times in order to regain his composure.

He insisted on completing the interview.

He has lost approximately 20 pounds(according to the translation I read, but in dispute since Mr. Oh says he hasn't had a weight change in years 6/05/07). He has not been drinking. The alcohol he consumed during the interview was the first he'd had since the day he was informed of the death of his companion, Ms. Lim.

The Gentleman is in Mourning.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oh Ji Ho Is Comin' To Town-Better than Santa

~Oh Ji Ho International Fan Club Will Also Attend~

April 25, 2007 Wednesday
Japanese Cultural Center
Manoa Ballroom
Dinner Meeting 5:30 PM - 10 PM

HALLYU MEMBERS(paid 2007 dues) ---- $50.
Student members ----- $25.
Non-members/Guest ----- $100.

Make checks out to: HALLYU FRIENDS
Send RSVP by APRIL 20, 2007
Gerrie Nakamura by contacting her here:
To send:
1. Copy e-mail address into your letter address bar.
2. REMOVE the letters AT, and substitute @
Complete request and mail.

Go to Beauty Touch Kaheka
You may make payment for your seat
and or join HALLYU FRIENDS for the $50 seat to event.

HALLYU FRIENDS 2007 dues $20.
renewal thereafter is $10 a year.
Membership cards for those who have already paid dues for 2007
will be ready for pick-up at April 25th meeting/registration table.
Please make membership checks out to: HALLYU FRIENDS
Contact Gerrie Nakamura for mailing address:
To send:
1. Copy e-mail address into your letter address bar.
2. REMOVE the letters AT, and substitute @
Complete request and mail.