Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh Ji Ho's Birthday is April 14th

Would you like to send Oh Ji Ho a birthday card?

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If enough people say yes, I will post an address for him here.

If no address is posted on April 2, 2008, I will consider the interest too low and will not post it. You will be able to make a request through my contact button in my profile if you wish, and I will send it to you privately..

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh Ji Ho Visits Seoul National University Hospital

Many thanks to Linda A. for this English translated (AT LAST! FINALLY) KBS article and the photos following the text. Gold Star work Lin!

Oh Ji Ho and and Ahn Do-gyu Visit Seoul National University Hospital

Actors Oh Ji-ho and Ahn Do-gyu, who play father and son, respectively, on the KBS 2TV Mon/Tues drama "Single Dad in Love," regularly meet children with rare illnesses.

On March 11th, Oh Ji-ho visited the children's wing at Seoul National University Hospital where he met 3-year old Ha-neul, who has never been out of the hospital due to a congenital illness called 'tufting enteropathy.' Tufting enteropathy sometimes causes irreversible intestinal failure and prevents patients from absorbing and digesting their food. There are only three people in Korea with this rare disease.

Oh Ji-ho was originally at the hospital for the filming of the the March 15th broadcast of "Love's Request" (KBS 1TV). He stayed in the children's wing long after the shoot was over, making helium-filled balloons for the children and consoling their guardians.

In "Single Dad in Love," Oh Ji-ho plays a character who goes to any length to ensure the care of his son recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

KBS Global Entertainment News
Original Article

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Words from Linda

This is from Linda. I got it this morning:

"Single Papa is still suffering from low ratings the public is missing out.

I really feel for him, still I believe he will be nominated based on the content and his performance.

Ann - If this had been positioned right it would be a great accomplishment for his career.

We both know he needs a hit series and this was it.

I don't know what will happen after this is over unless there is a change in viewing."

Linda and I are women of adult age. We are far from being air-headed little girls with a crush on an actor. We've both had experience with the entertainment field, but from different angles and positions.

We both understood instantly what the ratings in Korea will do to any program aired there. Low ratings decrease the chances of sponsorship radically. (Sponsorship is EVERYTHING. TV is all about money. That's the ugly, shallow truth.)

Without sponsorship, a program stands a chance of cancellation before it ends. In the case of KBS, this probably won't happen.

BUT, this site is for and about Oh Ji Ho, and our specific concern regards his career and the hit it may take due to the disastrous scheduling of this program. We are also sensitive to the effects on the entire cast, writer, director, etc. Everyone involved suffers from the fallout generated by low ratings.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums it up very neatly. That is precisely why I am urging you to write to KBS.

It doesn't matter if you're in Singapore, London, Calgary, or tha Bronx. You don't have to be in Korea to care. You understand the situation. You have been reading about it here.

If you are a "fan" or supporter of Oh Ji Ho's, WRITE and express yourself about how you feel. Stony, injured silence only works in movies. This is real life. Start howling.

Mr. Jung Yun-joo
18 Yoido-dong Youngdungpo-gu Seoul 150-790, Korea

Some photos Linda sent with her letter will be added to this post shortly. While you're waiting, WRITE.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Don't think it can't happen...

You can make a difference.

Tell them you don't like the terrible time slot Single Papa is stuck in.
Mr. Jung Yun Joo
18 Yoido-dong Youngdungpo-gu Seoul 150-790, Korea

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Korean heart-throb visited by Nippon fans

This comes to us from A. Ho., our Hong Kong reporter, and faithful observer. Many thanks for a great job as always. :-)
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Korean heart-throb visited by Nippon fans
Singtao Daily, Hong Kong, March 3, 2008

Over twenty fans of Oh Ji Ho flew to Seoul from Japan recently. They went to Oh’s agency and left him some gifts and letters written by his fans. On the following day, they visited Oh on location while he was making ‘Single Papa in Love’. Oh was so impressed that he patiently autographed for them one by one and took photos with the Japanese fans.

Oh Ji Ho shot to fame in Japan after ‘Fantasy Couple’ and ‘Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung’ had been shown on local channels. Oh’s agency indicated that they would seriously consider promoting Oh in Japan after he finished ‘Single Papa in Love’. Oh is also loved by Taiwan’s audiences. When he was on a promotional tour to Taiwan last May for ‘Fantasy Couple’, he received very warm welcome from the fans and media.

(translated and adapted from an article in Singtao Daily, Hong Kong, dated 3 March, 2008)