Monday, April 27, 2009

A few words...

When was I ever able to keep it to a few words, large or small?

About the wedding pictures that had been posted. There are several programs that have wedding pictures of Oh Ji Ho. The ones that come to mind are Autumn Shower, A Second Proposal, and now, My Wife is a Superwoman. Lots of stopped hearts...right?

I suspect there would be a good number of early warnings if Mr. Oh decided to marry. So not to worry. He's still single.

Not Seeing What you Want?

Marian, a very loyal follower of this blog, has mentioned not seeing enough of Oh Ji Ho's dramas on her TV Station.

I made the suggestion that she could get the station CEO's, or president's address (can be found through internet search using Google) and write directly to him or her. I always try to get to the top guy with letters. I seldom bother with customer service if it's important to me.

TV is all about money. The sponsors want to support programs that will give them the best result in their pockets. If viewers are not happy with the programs on the stations they watch, they are not so likely to buy items advertised.

As I told Marian, I am a great believer in real letters on real paper. If you sit down and write a letter, put a stamp on it, and go out to mail it, You Are Serious.

If you have friends who feel the same way, get them to write also. The more attention you demand by speaking out, the more possible it is to make changes.

Title: Oh Ji Ho's Smile Fails to Impress Large Animal
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News, Bad News

First the bad news.
Regarding the photos from La Belle I have been working on; unfortunately they will not be posted at this time. Due to a glitch in my computer, all the still photos I had gathered over a period of weeks have been lost. It is too labor intensive to redo, and may never be again.

When I lost them, I was frustrated and angered. Then I thought it out, and said to myself, this is Kismet, fate. I was not meant to post these photos. There was so much involved and it was so difficult at times. It seems there is a reason not to have them out.

Sorry to let you down.

The good news? The ratings for the new show look solid. That's a cause for celebration, and a nice birthday gift to him, also supplied by the fates. It's time Oh Ji Ho got a powerful shot of good luck.