Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twelve Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words...

or something to that effect. You can see how far I got with my project... But if you found these, could you have resisted? I love them.
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Home again...

Ah yes, modern technology. I have been off the web for days and days, unable to access it due to the most ridiculous thing imaginable.

Because I have a dial up connection, which is dead slow to begin with, I am at the mercy of the telephone equipment.

The line I use for the computer was screeching static when I finally thought to check the phone out today. Static, when it's really bad, breaks the connection to the computer and otherwise slows everything to a crawl.

I was working at less than 20% power when I had any at all. Forget it. You can do nothing at that rate of speed.

So I'm here now, with a cord stretched across the room to another phone jack.

I'm working on the La Belle pictures. I haven't forgotten. It's slow going since I'm capturing frame after frame.

Be patient.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


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I wish I had $100.00 for every heart that stopped when these wedding pix were seen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

# 1 Pop Quiz, #2 Something to Think About!

Special Note: Initials-of visitors w/correct answers. KG

#1 This is a screen capture from La Belle. Question: Is there something funny about the picture? Answer on the right hand side at the Poll just under the Bulletin Board.

If you do see something funny, and you want to describe it, leave a comment at the bottom of this entry where you see the word, "comments".
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#2 Something to think about.

The photo below is also a screen capture from La Belle. For my new project, I have been slowly picking up screen captures from the movie. My objective is to post a collection of unedited/uncensored pictures at a different blog.

This blog is set up for everyone to enjoy. Because it is so, I avoid using too many swear words, and try to keep it tasteful.

The La Belle blog is set up for consenting adults. You must agree to a statement regarding your understanding of the contents, and click a button to get in. The only thing that does, is keep me from being harrassed about nudity, etc.

If a visitor has been warned they might see a buttock, he/she can't really go screaming to Google because I showed them said buttock. The photo below has been edited by cropping. It will be at the other blog in it's entirity.
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...always a good thing.

An article from The Korea Times

New Types of Husbands to Sneak Onto TV Screen
The Korea Times
03-10-2009 15:34

MBC brings the story of passionate wives and clueless husbands through new drama ``My Wife Is a Superwoman.'' The series starts March 16 at 9:55 p.m.

Courtesy of MBC

By Han Sang-hee
Staff Reporter

Marriage requires many things-- from caring and understanding to sacrificing and communicating. MBC's new drama ``My Wife is a Superwoman'' showcases the role of Korean wives when they were traditionally the ones who had to endure sacrifice and completely support their husbands, also known as ``naejo '' in Korean.

Starring Kim Nam-joo, Oh Ji-ho and Lee Hae-young, the 16-part series will feature the stories of three couples tangled up in different relationships and situations.

The 37-year-old Kim, who has returned to the spotlight after an eight-year hiatus, will be the ``superwoman'' Cheon Ji-ae who struggles to regain her own status and also her husband's.

``As a mother of two and an `ajumma,' I thought this was a perfect role for me. Times are difficult these days, and I liked that the drama is bright and upbeat,'' Kim said, referring to the Korean term that means married middle-aged woman, at a press conference.

Cheon, who was once the most popular girl in high school, marries the smart Ohn Dal-soo, played by Oh, dreaming of the perfect marriage. But when she realizes that Ohn is an underperformer at work, she is determined to support her husband and help him climb the corporate ladder. The determined Cheon meets her match, however, when she discovers that Ohn's boss is the husband of her childhood enemy, Yang Bong-soon.

Promising ``naejo'' was primarily the role of wives when men were the main breadwinners. Wives would stay home, take care of the children and finish up house chores before the husbands came home to rest and prepare for another busy day ahead. The traditional belief was that the more fit the wife was for ``naejo'' culture, the better off the husband would be out in society.

A short conversation between America's former first lady Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill also shows how the current Secretary of State believed in the importance of her role as a wife. The couple stopped by a gas station only to find Hillary's former boyfriend was the owner. When her husband told her she could have ended up as the owner's wife, she replied that then the gas station owner would have become the president. Incidentally, South Korea's first lady Kim Yun-ok also defined ``naejo'' as the ``opposition party,'' for sometimes you must harshly criticize your husband's deeds.

As many women nowadays often choose their careers over staying at home and solely supporting their husbands, the drama will try to bring back the passionate wives who supported their husbands, though with a modern and more aggressive twist.

``In the drama, Cheon follows Yang and helps her with house chores, shopping, and sometimes even cooks for her, which is harder to do when the person is someone you hate. For me, I think the best `naejo' is to help the husband feel comfortable, which is necessary to go out and work well,'' Kim said.

Married to fellow actor Kim Seung-woo, she also added that her husband didn't need the help, or naejo, because he was nothing like Ohn in the story.

Kim's husband made a cameo appearance in the drama, making a ``wejo'' move, referring to the husband's version of ``naejo.''

``I decided to appear in the drama just to support my wife, who is returning to the television screen after many years,'' Kim said, smiling at the shoot.

With high expectations in bringing the tactics and strategies for supporting diffident husbands to the small screen, `` My Wife Is a Superwoman'' will start airing March 16 at 9:55 p.m. on MBC.

LINK to original article.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

From La Belle

The writer still able to work before his life goes to hades in a handbasket.
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Oh Ji Ho in Japan

This is not a good picture. It came from a Japanese newspaper online. It was taken during the fan club visit/photo book promotion trip in February. Nice ensemble...he wears gray well.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring cometh...

Sorry I've been off line for a while. I'm not feeling well. However, a couple of mentions.

You may or may not have noticed there's a little bulletin board in the sidebar to your right. Keep your eye on it, because I will be updating it, adding quick new info and deleting the old.

The Tremolo Spring catalog is up now, but I'm feeling too lifeless to bring you photos at this time. The link to Tremolo is on the bulletin board. You can drop in if you wish.

Meanwhile, a teaser...
Click image to enlarge. It's huge.

Dream Girls

Oh Ji Ho on Opening Night (I think. It may also be a preview special performance as these photos were taken on February 28th. It is my understanding the show is slated to open in March, but I could be wrong. At any rate, he attended.)
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"Dreamgirls" will open in Korea at Charlotte Theater in Jamsil-dong Seoul next March before moving to Boston to start its U.S. tour.