Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Day...finally

There is nothing earth shattering to remark upon EXCEPT, the United States has elected a man of color, and a Democrat at that, at last. I am a hard core Democrat, and a solid believer in the equality of one and all.

We are separated only by concepts we are taught to believe. Ask yourself on this day, are they really your concepts, or do you have space in your mind and soul to explore and accept the cultures, beliefs, and appearance of others?

Since so many of you are not living here in the US, yet visit here faithfully, I must believe your answer is yes.

I welcome you all.

A little treat is in store for you. First, I want to show you a photograph.
Click image to enlarge.

Second, here is the link to Heavenly Star Entertainment. Click on the name, or copy and paste the address into your browser

You will be greeted by a pop-up of Oh Ji Ho, which should amuse you. From the top menu, select H.S. Artist. You'll see Oh Ji Ho in the first box, and also a tab to your right that says "Gallery". There are very nice photos of Oh Ji Ho and the other actors Heavenly Star represents.

Have a nice visit, and of course, have a Happy NEW Year.

A word of advice: Don't eat things that make you sick, and let go of your past grievances. You'll be happier, and your tummy won't hurt.
Ps. this site rolled over 100,000 hits some time last night. That's cool.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Get Karl, Oh Su Jung NEW VERSION

It just goes to show you...if you wait nearly forever, something good comes along. Hopefully you stay alive to enjoy it if you're over 1000 years old.

There is a new version of Get Karl, Oh Su Jung on the market. It is out of Malaysia, and may very well have good English subtitles. How could they be worse than the other version currently available to the western audience? The idea refuses to form fully in my mind as I suffer from acute lousy subtitleitis.

This version bears the title, "Oh Su Jung VS Karl", as you can see from the photo.

My suggested merchant is HKFlix. They are coming in at $39.95 USD. I've seen it listed as high as $89.99 (insane price).

The economy shipping cost is $2.95 USD. You can upgrade to $3.95 USD if you're in a hurry to buy. Orders over $49.00 are shipped free via economy mail. If you purchase there, as you are checking out, all shipping options are clearly posted.

I think this is the best deal you're going to get for this set. You might find it cheaper on eBay, but the postage will probably put you in the poorhouse.

Direct link to item:

Sunday, December 07, 2008


A couple of Oh Ji Ho's works are always being searched for.
One is the movie, I Love You. It is frequently out of stock, some sites list it as out of print.
Click images to enlarge.

This is a site called eSiam DVD
The link to the store is
The direct link to the product is:
I Love You is in stock there as of this notice (December 7, 2008)

It is also available at 1StopMovie.Com - Best Buy
Direct link to product:
This item is listed as Temporarily Out of Stock. I suspect they will be getting it in again. Keep checking there if interested.

The second is the full-size K-Drama, A Second Proposal.
To my knowledge, due to copyright law and KBS's propriety policy, it is only available through them.

KBS America click product page at the site. The price is very high. $89.99 USD, plus rather salty shipping charges. If you really want to own it, bite the bullet and get for yourself for Christmas.

Autumn Shower End

A beautiful presentation by 7061b
7061b's YouTube Channel
Time 4:42