Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh Ji Ho site back up and running.

We're back! Thanks for your patience! June 28, 2007

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - On the Road Again

Oh Ji Ho is on the road doing promotional work for the excellent MBC production, Couple of Fantasy (or whatever it's called at this moment). It has a very flexible title indeed :)

Here are some great new photos. He's looking good, and looking well.
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Oh Ji Ho…back in the game

…and the dribble from the mouths of babes just out of diapers goes on.

Thanks to the narrow point of view common to inexperienced youth, coupled with their need to get a vicarious thrill from the difficulties of others, the now dated, overused commentary regarding the speculation of one news reporter, Oh Ji Ho is still grist for the brat mill.

Will the horse crap never cease dropping?

It causes constant ire in this writer to observe this ongoing attack done within the law by a narrow margin, but one wide enough to allow the perpetual harangue not to fall into the harassment category.

The moralistic self righteous tone set by individuals too young to be allowed to stay up late at night, regarding one particular line from an article published in The Korea Times in January 2007, gives me indigestion.

Netcretins busy at work setting the world straight according to their high standards.

On a brighter note:

Meanwhile, in the real world, Oh Ji Ho has resumed pursuit of his career, participating in the making of a single with the group, V.O.S.

Kudos to you sir! We wish you success.

During his recent visit to Hawaii, he was wined and dined at a banquet given in his honor, and cordially received by fans and interested followers of his work, with great warmth and affection.

While in Hawaii, he also put in an appearance at the Hawaiian International Foreign Film Festival, where he enjoyed yet another warm welcome, this time, by his peers in the industry.

Seen here with Jeff Chung, and Chuck Boller,

and with one of his ubiquitous fans.

He also traveled to Taiwan where he was again received with open minds, arms and hearts.

Oh Ji Ho's Approachable Demeanor
Author Unknown
Oh Ji Ho left Taiwan joyfully yesterday upon the completion of his promotional tour for the Korean drama series 'Fantasy Couple.' During his 2 night 3 day tour, he had the opportunity to try various Taiwanese delicacies and played baseball on a machine at the night market. Also, following in the footsteps of his character of the drama series, he visited several kindergartens in the Taipei District. Due to his tight schedule, he had to travel back and forth under the hot Taiwan sun, yet instead of grumbling, he was very cheerful throughout his tour. He showed a high level of enthusiasm regardless of whether he was eating, playing, or visiting the children. As one would say, 'He didn't act like a star at all.'

Despite of his height of 6 feet, weighing 173 pounds, he didn't look rough in person at all. Instead, he exuded an aura of nerdiness. Oh Ji Ho stated that he is an introvert. He also admitted that he is actually a nerd. As for his role in 'Fantasy Couple,' as a handyman, he had purposely changed his hair and tanned himself to portray a more manly image. Oh Ji Ho jokingly said that the 2 days of Taiwanese sunshine is driving him insane as he no longer needs a tan. He also said, "Just by walking under the sun for several minutes, everyone would sweat an incredible amount."

Regarding his new image after starring in the romantic comedy 'Fantasy Couple,' Oh Ji Ho claimed that his role in the drama series had helped him to master the skill of being humorous, so much so that not only his audience, but his friends and families are shocked as well. Who would have expected a boring nerd to turn out to be quite a natural when it comes to humor?

Due to his outstanding performance, Oh Ji Ho won the Popularity Award last year. It is rather obvious that his popularity is soaring. Oh Ji Ho, together with the Fantasy Couple's heroine, Han Ye Seul beat the Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon couple from Princess Hours to win the Best Couple Award. Regarding his victory, Oh Ji Ho said, "Now I know how popular an actor from a romantic comedy can be."

Published at Broasia
Author Unknown

It’s nice to see the adults of the world coming out to say, hello Mr. Oh, you’ve been missed. Welcome back.