Friday, September 04, 2009

Oh Ji Ho, a lot sexy, and a little bit dangerous...

Featured in Esquire Magazine (Korea) September 2009, Oh Ji Ho shows his new stuff.

Groove on it.

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If there is any danger of your forgetting yesterdays, there's this gem to keep your mind clear.

Little notes

Sara, I can not publish your comment because you have your email address in it. It would be bad for you to show it to the public.

I am not Oh Ji Ho. I am a woman writing this blog dedicated to Oh Ji Ho. This is his address where you can write to him:
Mr. Oh Ji Ho
Heavenly Star Entertainment
35-7 Nonhyun-dong,
Kangnam-gu,Seoul 135-815,South Korea

MUSIC from K-Dramas
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh Ji Ho grows hair for "Chuno"

Oh Ji Ho needed to grow facial hair for the upcoming Drama, "Chuno" (KBS).

Here are a few shots of the process. Looks good to me. I once said I didn't think I would like him with facial hair. I got that wrong. He looks great. Enjoy the pictures.

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About Chuno:
Synopsis and Credits from Dramawiki

Chuno follows the story of Lee Dae Gil, a man of high birth whose family was
ruined when Tae Ha, who became a slave after being falsely accused of a
crime he did not commit, burns down his house and escapes. Driven by his
desire for revenge, he survives his harsh years on the street and makes his
name as a slave hunter, dedicated in his pursuit of Tae Ha. Both men become
entangled in a love triangle with Un Nyun, a runaway slave who became a
nobleman's daughter.

Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
Screenwriter: Chun Sung Il

Jang Hyuk as Lee Dae Gil
Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae Ha
Lee Da Hae as Un Nyun / Hye Won
Lee Jong Hyuk
Gong Hyeong Jin
Yoon Gi Won
Sung Dong Il
Jo Mi Ryung
Yoon Ji Min
Lee Han Wie
Jo Hee Bong
Kim Ji Suk
Han Jung Soo
Danny Ahn
Yoon Moon Sik
Jo Jin Woong

Early released photos from KBS
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A bit of soccer from the past (for "B")

Oh Ji Ho LOVES baseball!

Here are a few baseball related photos from Korean news sites.

Enjoy them!

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