Sunday, June 25, 2006

Beautiful Words Re Oh Ji Ho

A couple of days ago I received this letter. It came from someone I didn't know, and I was thrilled by it because the writer is very articulate, and expresses a lot of what I feel and believe to be true about Oh Ji Ho.

I hope you'll enjoy this letter as much as I do.

"The man is lovely to look at with tremendous charisma and sex appeal. He took away the hearts of the women of Hawaii.

What impressed me was his very sweet nature. He has this innocent, gentle expression that is very natural. He didn’t go about acting like he thought himself better than others. Not once did he try to steal attention from anyone. Really a team player, he just looked as if he was having a great time being in Hawaii with his friends.

He stopped and allowed everyone to take a picture with him. He graciously gave his autograph. Never did he act as if he was too tired (which he was), or too overwhelmed with the crowd of women (which he must have been), nor did he ever stop smiling.

I thought that even if he wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, he still would have the aura of charm that makes him exude down to earth authenticity.

When he played the basketball game in Hawaii,(and named most valuable player of the Phoenix team that night) there was a focus of concentration and outpouring of his best efforts. It was evident that he has the gift of being fully present in the moment so that his ability to concentrate is razor sharp. Am sure that ability is used well in his work as an artist and actor. It is this ability, more than his good looks that will allow him to achieve his dreams.

I know I am speaking only about Oh Ji Ho, after all, your website seems dedicated to him.

But I have to say these same words go to every person on the Phoenix team. Every single one of them were wonderful and friendly.

Thanks for the site!"

C. Chun

And thanks to you C. Chun. Your presence here is a gift to me.

Input like yours, is the sort of thing that makes the difference between a site full of photographs that don't give much of a clue about the person pictured, and a gratifying personal portrait we can all relate to, and come away from with a sense of understanding and satisfaction.

You're The Tops!

Published with the author's permission.


Anonymous said...

a few days back i watched an NG clip from fantasy couple.the one he co stars with han ye was the scene where OJH gave a handphone to HYS..he pull her hand a bit harder than he should..i didnt notice her expression at first but then OJH asked,"it hurts?"..such a sensitive man..what can be more beautiful?

Hyacinth said...

Thank you for your comment. I wish I could see the NG's from 'Couple'.

I have always thought he was a very kind and gentle man. And you're right...what could be more beautiful?