Thursday, June 01, 2006

Koalabear Reviews A Second Proposal

By Koalabear of Soompi Forums
( as Sassygirl17.)

A Simple yet Phenomenal Drama*****Thursday, April 14, 2005
Reviewer: Sassygirl17

With all the Korean dramas banking on the popularity of younger stars, this drama sets it all apart. At first, I thought the drama was not worth watching since I felt that it was different from all the Korean dramas I’ve watched since it is for a more matured audience but suddenly I found myself enjoying every single episode of it (even though I had to struggle with understanding it because I watched it without subtitles!) since it represented a simple story of a housewife in a different manner, and as real as it gets!

I had my time laughing over the first part of the episodes and then on the latter part it made my heart break. This time I saw a drama that reveals the real side of family life presented in a light but substantial manner. I was not even aware that this drama was so popular in Korea until I read it on the internet. The performance of the actors of this drama made me watch this more (even though I only know Oh Yeon-soo and Oh Ji-ho, as I have seen them in their previous projects) because they gave justice to each of their characters by giving their heart and soul for it. I hope that Korean drama fans will have the time to check out this drama since it is done in good taste and it is really worth watching.

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Anonymous said...

me too...i do like this drama...still watching it!

Hyacinth said...

Thank you for your comment.

It is a wonderful drama. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,is there anywhere I can watch Oh Ji Ho's "a second proposal" online pls?

aida said...

I'm now at epi 11 on KBSWorld and loving the series. Took a sneak on the last epi subless on KBS VOD- there was no wedding though (the pic posted here). Did it happen earlier? Great acting by the cast-I'm really convinced that Oh Ji-ho should do more comedic stuff - his comic expressions are priceless. And the child stars really won me over

Hyacinth said...

Dear Anon.,
I'm sorry, I don't really know the answer to your question. My suggestion would be to check at Soompi Forums.

You must be a member, but it's easy to join, and it's free.

Koalabear is a member there, she could probably tell you the answer. She's very helpful and nice.

Hyacinth said...

Dear aida,

Be patient. Very patient.

Hyacinth said...

anon, I found a very helpful link for you. You will need to copy and paste into your browser.

aida said...

ha, ha should have guessed it was a "dream" thingy! Anyways I took that as the final wedding - was inspired to complete the series after reading your blog - so, I finished watching just now, and will rewatch on KBS World for the subs!

It really is a must watch! Its a mish-mesh of comedy and some tear-jerking moments. Definitely heart-warming.

Hyacinth said...

Hi aida,
Yeah. You cracked me up. You're clever.

It is an excellent show. If the subs are as good as they are in the Bitwin Box Set, you'll be really happy with the whole thing.

I really liked this one. It was my 2nd K-Drama. Super Rookie was my 1st. Just re-watched that one. Love it. Really love it.

Enjoy A Second Proposal! Have a good day.

Hyacinth said...


You need to be sure to get the entire link for the page I'm sending you to.

When you highlight it, make sure to scroll to the end of the link.

The last letters in it are Zv8. When you see them, you've got it all.


JayGee said...

Love to know what is the ending......

Hyacinth said...

Hi Jaygee,
It has a good ending. Is it still running there?

If not, let me know, and I'll tell you the ending.


gkris said...

Hi! I'm Gee from Malaysia and I'm new here.

I missed a few of the final episodes. Where can I watch it? Any link to the drama video?

Just now, I thought of watching it on KBS world (Astro) but it has already shown the new drama title 'bodyguard'.

Please help me. Tq.

Hyacinth said...

Hi Gee,

I'm terribly sorry, I don't know how to help you. I live in the U.S., and have always had to buy Oh Ji Ho's work in order to see it.

I hope someone else can help you. It's very frustrating, isn't it?

aida said...

This wonderful series is now being uploaded on VEOH. Here's the link
to the user


Hyacinth said...

Hi Aida,
Thanks for the input. It's appreciated.

koalabear said...

to those who are having a hard time finding DVD's or link to OJH's 2004 Drama, A Second Proposal. has it on their list, non members can now currently access the links for download (700 mb)'s the link