Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh Ji Ho - Pre-game practice in Hawaii 2006

The following photos come to us from a kind and generous viewer, C. Chun, to whom I owe a debt of grattitude for wonderful input in the past. (You can read that letter in the post dated June 25, 2006)

The comments below came along with the photos.

"I had forgotten about these photos from the pre-basketball practice and thought you might enjoy them. Probably they are not good enough to go into your blog. The lighting was horribly backlit with spotlights as Chae Yeon was practicing her routine as well.

You can see, however, his intense concentration."

In my opinion, these are very enjoyable because they have immediacy. The conditions were poor for photography, especially since these were taken with a telescopic lens. A telescopic lens can be difficult to cope with.

I like them because they're "real". My favorites photos of Oh Ji-ho are usually the shots that were taken casually on the street, or by friends, without any fixing up. These have that nice quality of an utter lack of self-consciousness in the subject.

The photos show, as the photographer mentions, Oh Ji-ho's concentration, which is a part of his nature he brings to everything he does.

I am most pleased to post them, and thank C. Chun again for being kind enough to send them to me.

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