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A query from a viewer…

brittas said...

“Your site is great!

I've just finished watching Super Rookie recently, and that's how I discovered Oh Ji Ho. Thanks for all the news and pictures!

Would you have his profile? I've been searching and so far I've only stumbled upon his birthday, height and filmography. Thanks in advance!”

10/07/2006 12:37 PM

Hello brittas,

Thank you for your nice comment about the site.

I am sorry to have to say the answer to your question is no. Information regarding Oh Ji-ho is very scarce. I have seen the same data as you (I think).

The same old stuff is quoted constantly, sometimes with a little embellishment by a fan, such as trying to make it look more original.

I do know he attended Anyang University, but do not know whether he graduated, or what his major was.

Attached here is a typical bio note. I added the link to Anyang University so people can visit it if they wish. Might get a bit of a surprise!

Begin bio data:
“D.O.B: April 1, 1976 (29)
Hometown: Chun Nam Region, Southwestern area. he's a chon saram from the countryside of Korea.
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Weight: 75kg (165lbs)
Education: Anyang University

Link to Anyang University:

Close Actor/Actress Friends: Son Ji Chang, Park Jung Jin, Lee Hyuk Jae, Lee Jang Woo, & Lee Jong Soo
Others: Jetsurfing, waterskiing, swimming, music, Tae Kwon Do, movies, basketball
Debut: Cafe Lotte CF (1998)
His talent: To make an outraged person happy”
End bio data.

I do wish some better biographical information would appear on the scene. It is hard to understand why there isn’t more of it. A theory I have is that since he never really took off as a screen favorite, no one bothered to publicize him very well.

I have tried to get his birth date corrected here and there, mostly to no avail. It is often erroneously reported to be April 1, 1976, as it is above.

His birth date is April 14, 1976. He’s now half-past 30.

His career seems to be one of a difficult uphill struggle for him. In the long run though, I think he’ll get taken more seriously. His physical appearance worked against him in some ways. I think he’s seen as another beautiful man, and his substance as an actor is missed or ignored.

The more I see of him, the less I see him in the physical sense, and I’ve begun to realize that his more serious performances are often very subtle, whereas his comedic work is broad and obvious, often bordering on slapstick. He’s pretty funny. I do love his comedies.

It’s in the other sort of work he does, where he becomes so subtle, that you have to observe him closely because the minutest change in his facial expression conveys volumes.

C. Chun remarks of him, that “he lives in the moment”. I think his acting reflects that. He is the man he portrays…living in those moments. It’s probably a little bit too genuine to impress the average viewer.

He can seem dull, as he was dulled by grief in Autumn Shower. He was harshly criticized for his performance in that role. I wonder how he should have acted? Should he have pulled his hair out? His interpretation of the character was actually good. He, as the character, contained a lot of his feeling. That was the way OJH perceived the character’s nature.

So much for the ramble.

Anyone out there with more bio data? Send it in. I’ll publish it gladly. Address mail to

This photo from A Second Proposal is a good example of his facial expression saying everything. He is looking at someone he cares for. His worry shows clearly in his eyes, but so much tension is conveyed by his tight mouth. He has a very full lower lip which is compressed here. See what I mean?
Click image to enlarge.

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