Saturday, December 30, 2006


CORRECTION: My apologies to the viewers of this site. Unfortunately, Oh Ji Ho did not receive the
MBC best actor award for 2006.

MBC 2006 Awards for the Drama 'Fantasy Couple':
Excellence Award 2006 - Han Ye Seul
Best Couple Award 2006 - Oh Ji Ho and Han Ye Seul
Most Popular Award 2006 - Oh Ji Ho and Han Ye Seul

Congratulations to both.
I must confess my ignorance regarding exactly what "most popular" actually means. Popular with whom? Seems like a meaningless title all in all.

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Another Oh Ji-Ho Fan said...

Thx for the great blog, Hyacinth.

You may be interested in posting the picture featured in this article from December 21, 2006, in the Chosun Ilbo:

Our boy looks so cute and sexy at the same time...sigh.