Monday, January 22, 2007

Editorial Comment by Arlene

I was in complete shock reading about what happened to Oh Ji Ho.

As a fan living in Hawai'i; I have admired his acting ability and his open heart.

I am hoping deep within my heart fans and non-fans will open their minds and see Oh Ji-Ho is hurting more than anyone else. Ji-Ho is the one that has to face a reality that in order to keep on working he had to hurt someone he had come to love very much.

I ask myself would it have been better if he had admitted to loving someone who was working in a bar? I highly doubt it and things could have still ended up the same way. His love would have been put in jeopardy and people would have had more of an opportunity to attack her. She might still have done this to save Ji-Ho's career.

I highly doubt there was a win/win scenario...but a lose/lose one way or another.

We take for granted living in a free country; being able to choose who and what we want in the United States...we often forget that in foreign countries life isn't like ours.

I live to hope that one day; everyone will open their minds and hearts and let celebrities be free to choose and live with who they want and just be happy for them.

I hope that fans remember what Jackie Chan went through and can see that Oh Ji-Ho can be forgiven; to me he has done nothing wrong. Celebrities entertain us...we don't live their personal lives for them.

Arlene, HI

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