Monday, January 29, 2007

Family of Man

If you have read the post titled Off Topic, you will know I have recently had terrible news of a friend who was killed. After this news, I was very angry and filled with bitterness. I wanted to beat the world with my fists.

I thought about this. I thought about Michael, my friend. He was a good man, and I never heard him say anything bad about anyone.

I had written a poem filled with sorrow, dedicated to him.

Then, without any plan I began to think about Oh Ji Ho, a Korean, about Rivi, from Sri Lanka, about Ara, a Basque friend, about Alexey, a Russian, about Jackie, a black woman (now), but a young girl when she was my best friend in Junior High School in Newark, New Jersey. All the people I have loved, Edgar, Gillian, Carlos, Lorna, Monica, Jacques…all different people with different beliefs and different colors, different national origins.

And I wrote this poem to heal myself. To remind myself that we are a family.

Litany Three

Almond eyes
Skin of ivory
River of hair
Taste of a woman
Taste of a man
Scent of heat
Curve of an arch

How beautiful
How beautiful

Eyes of earth
Black silk hair
Mahogany skin
Curve of the cheek
Voice of a bell
Voice of a gong
Scent of passion

How beautiful
How beautiful

Eyes of blue water
Hair of golden coils
Skin of snow
Dimpled elbow
Rose lips
Curve of the hip
The call of doves

How beautiful
How beautiful

Crinkled hair
Black sky skin
Eyes of night
Flashing smile
Full lips kissing
Feet of a dancer
The length of thigh

How beautiful
How beautiful

How beautiful you are

January 14, 2007
A. Murray

I wish to dedicate this poem to you, the ones who come here from all over the world. I dedicate it to the friends of Oh Ji Ho, our brother, who is troubled these days. We are all touching each other. We are family. We are humanity.

I bow before you in humble gratitude for your honored presence. Thank you.

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