Sunday, January 21, 2007

Letters to Zio

My dear friends,

You come from all over the world. I can see that through my web tracker. I am so happy to greet you today. Welcome to this place.


I have begun a campaign to encourage people to send a note or card to Zio to encourage him during this very difficult time.

I now have a verified address where he can receive mail.

I will respond to all e-mails requesting an address where he can be reached. My e-mail address is available through my profile. Just click the words "View my complete profile" to the right of this posting. You will find a "Contact" button inside the profile.

I am doing it this way to screen out the spammers. My mailer dumps them automatically. PLEASE send this good, decent man a sign of your support in good taste, and with respect.

As always,

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