Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - A small bit of news.

Dear viewers,

I've gotten word through a few proxies that our letters and cards have indeed reached Mr. Oh safely, and that he has expressed his surprise and appreciation for the support he has received from all of you, from all the corners of the world.

From Dubai to Dublin, from Jakarta to Jerusalem, from New York to The Netherlands, Japan to Jamaica, Cairo to California, you have come out to cheer him on.

Allow me to take a liberty I would not ordinarily take, that of speaking for another, to say on his behalf, thank you.

I myself thank each and every one of you. You are the jewels in the crown of this effort. Without you, nothing happens here.

You are my energy, and you are the source of the passion that keeps me burning bright, even when I’m too tired to see.

Some of you have sent me in the direction of photos, some of you have written touching things that went straight to my heart, many of which have found their way to the front page here. For these efforts, I thank you.

At this time I still urge you not to let up in sending cards, or simply worded little notes, that will continue to show your support.

When it gets to the point where it’s a little bit boring…that’s the critical moment.

Just think of yourself as representing 100 people that feel the same as you, who all stop visibly supporting Mr. Oh at the same time.

Think of the gap that leaves in the mailbox, then pick up your pen, and scribble a line, just saying, “Hello Zio, how are you today?” Or, whatever you would ordinarily say.

For this, I thank you.


Here's a little laugh.

And a big one.

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