Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - Back in Korea

Whoops, did I get caught with an unforgivable typo? Sorry.

Okay. I see some of you have been coming back repeatedly, waiting for words. Melville, N.Y., we are in the same time zone, thanks for coming so faithfully. I see you've been dropping by. And thank you Las Vegas. Hawaii too. You guys are the best.

Oh Ji Ho has been in Japan on "vacation" (rest trip I would say). I learned of it this morning after tracking down a translation of an online article in a Korean news search page. Whew! Finally a small break in the Great Wall of Silence.

That isn't all I have to tell you.

Someone I am acquainted with from Hawaii is now either enroute to, or has arrived in, Korea for a visit. It is possible she will be able to gather good information about Oh Ji Ho, as to his health etc.

It is also NOT impossible that she would be able to speak with him personally by phone. I don't know. I do know if it were me, I would break down doors to see him with my own eyes to be sure he looked okay; not the way he looked last spring. But then, I'm a maniac.

Joshing aside, I am focused on only one Korean actor. This one. She heads a club dedicated to Korean dramas. There are many people her members like, and no one actor is discriminated against, or favored above others. They're all welcome to visit when in Hawaii, and they'll all be welcomed with open hearts.

Oh Ji Ho's return to Korea does not mean he will be back in the thick of things. That is something we will have to wait and see about.

He still needs the visible proof of our friendship and support. His birthday is 14 April. Birthday cards would be very nice. The more countries that are heard from, the better he will feel about his fan base. He needs us.

Now...the International Oh Ji Ho Fan Club is open to take applications for membership. The first members signed up will be made happy by receiving free membership for a full year. The annual dues are low. They are $15.00 USD. Not bad, right?

You can place an applicaton by clicking on the link to the right that tells you to.



I don't hear you.


Ah, that's better.

So, that's it for the moment.

I send you all, my heartfelt affection,

So..what are you waiting for? Go sign up. Hurry. 30 freebies will go soon. Some are already gone.

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