Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - Hawaiian Birthday Bash 2007

Oh Ji Ho patiently waiting in the wings

for Colleen to introduce him...

The party turns out perfectly!

President Colleen Chun, and members of the Oh Ji Ho International Fan Club.
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Where I was raised, a party was considered a success if no one fell face down in the cake; there were few incidents of food being lobbed across a table; and nobody got their fingers blown off because they tried to set off 5 noisemakers at the same time.

None of these things happened in Hawaii, therefore, I consider the party to have been a success. Must admit when Colleen mentioned a party hat on Zio, I got a litle antsy, but the choice of a crown in a tasteful shade of blue could not have been better...and he does like hats. All is well that ends well.

Please note, once again Colleen winds up with Zio's arm around her, while he has a big happy smile on his face.

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