Thursday, July 12, 2007

"I Am Really Oh Ji Ho"

"I Am Really Oh Ji Ho" - Special Disguise As A Fat Man in SBS, "Oh Sujung"

After Kim Ah Joong disguised herself in the movie, "200 lb Beauty," Oh Ji Ho is taking on the disguise as a fat man.

SBS “Oh Sujung” is the next drama to be aired after "Bad Couple," starting on the 28th. The male lead character played by Oh Ji Ho had to wear a special disguise to act as an unattractive man.

On June 30th, Oh Ji Ho went to the office of a special effects makeup team, CELL, to do a special effects makeup test for the role of fat and unattractive Mansu in "Oh Sujung." The result of the two-hour long makeover produced a fat man who seemed totally unlike the former Oh Ji Ho.

"Oh Sujung" is a drama about Oh Sujung who chooses to marry a partner solely based on their wealth and background, and when the unattractive Mansu fails his law entrance examination, she dumps him on the day of their wedding.
Mansu gets traumatized by this and sets on a path of revenge to transform himself, and after succeeding in America by eight years of dieting and exercise, he becomes a professional golfer who exceeds Tiger Woods in terms of wealth and looks.

The fat version of Oh Ji Ho will be shown in episodes one, two and three.

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July 5, 2007


tyger said...

It's funny that SuJung has to come to America to lose weight! We, the fast-food-capital-of-the-world! heehee

Wonder if Tiger Woods will make an appearance in this drama? He's one of my most favorite celebrities, and it would be a special treat to see him, even though he'll get beaten by SuJung ...!

Any word on when/if this will be aired in Hawaii?

A. Murray - Hyacinth said...

" We, the fast-food-capital-of-the-world! heehee"


Starting in Korea on 7/28. No idea if it will play anywhere in the U.S.

A thought: Hammer away at your local station that carries Korean programming.

In theory, they listen to viewers. Theories tend to be questionable...but you never know...