Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - Good News - Bad News

The Good News regards an upcoming romantic drama, presumably comedic in nature, to be broadcast by SBS.

SBS tends to have innovative, and sometimes, rather edgy material. Good. It's a much needed antidote to the cloying excessive sentimentality of so much TV fodder in this small world. At least the edgy ("Memories of Bali" as one example) doesn't give me a terminal case of heartburn and a massive toothache due to sticky-sweet content.

Of course, watching Bali was like sitting in a basketful of poisonous snakes with the lid on; but it wasn't boring, and it did contain more than a rasher of bitter truth.

The new production is slated to begin airing in late July (not absolutely official). The apparent title (but we know what happens to titles in the world of Korean dramas so don't bank on this...) will be "Butcher Oh Soo Jung". In theory, Oh Ji Ho will have top billing, but we also know how that goes…so don't bank on it either...

The feminine lead will be played by Uhm Jung Hwa (200 lb Beauty) portraying a former beauty queen in a juxtaposed plot with Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo, her once scorned suitor, whom through great diligence, has managed to become man of the hour in all things bright and beautiful. Evidently Go Man Soo plays golf. Ironic, since golf is not a favored sport of Oh Ji Ho's. I wonder if it was like pulling teeth without Novocain, for him to ape a good golfer.

It sounds like a potentially funny program. Let's hope it is well directed, and decently put together all the way around. Quality is delicious.

From The Tasty to the Obnoxious department:
The Bad News is relatively simple and not too surprising considering the Pit Bull characteristics of the Netcretins at large.

The Korean Branch of Netcretinhood is objecting to Oh Ji Ho’s return to the honorable task of earning his daily bread.

Evidently they are (still) snorting, honking, braying, and pawing the ground in beast-like fashion (anything less than absolutely sleazy vicious behavior on their part would be a let-down by this time) in a great display of pimple-faced, overweight, unloved and unlovely, probably in need of underarm deodorant, teenage-like angst at the idea he will be back on the small screen actually earning money. I'm sure they'd prefer him to become a barefoot begger. They should hold their breath while they wait for that event.

Oh Ji Ho, being a rational individual for the most part, considers meeting his financial obligations a good idea, and follows through by doing his best to pay the bills. Laudable.

And although this is the nasty side of the news, kudos must be delivered to Star Empire Entertainment for coming through.

I suspect the positive fan mail we all sent out had a lot to do with it, and I still have a bad feeling regarding what might have happened if there were no letters from all corners of the globe speaking of affection and support for their client. They did come through in the long run though, and that’s all that matters. The end does indeed justify the means.

And last, but certainly not least, there is a "fan" living somewhere on the same planet as the rest of us, who left this repellent little piece of bigotry at a site recently. I heartily object to this kind of thing. How well this would have fit in with Hitler’s view of racial purity which embraced an unbelievable emphasis on physical appearance as being an earmark of superiority. Not to mention the philosophy of the KKK, that group of monsters who also believes in the supremacy of a narrow band of humanity, but excludes the family hound from the prejudiced eye, even though it may be the wrong color.

This is quoted exactly as published at:

Entry #4 in the comments section.

“OH JI HO really looks gorgeous & with that fantastic body WOW. I really liked him in Autumn Shower - this was really heavy drama. He was cute and funny in Fantasy Couple. In Super Rookie he sure acts his character very well, - he was a nasty guy!!!! He was a darling in A Sec ond Proposal, I wish he had a kissing scene here hahahah. Now I am waiting for his film My Wife is a Gangster 3, whenever I go & buy it is always out of stock, but I am getting my copy in a week.
OH JI HO does not look Korean at all - he is so handsome unlike the other Korean actors who look skinny & chinky eyed. Also whenever he smiles shucks with those lovable eyes - I’ll go berseck. Cheers & take care. Sarang ye OH JI HO!!!!”

And with those disgraceful words, this woman manages to step on an entire race of human beings.

What would Oh Ji Ho say?
Of course Oh Ji Ho never looks remotely Asian.


Anonymous said...

patience doesn't run out quicker than when it comes to racism or stereotyping

A. Murray - Hyacinth said...

Dear Anon,
Blessing upon your head. Long may you live and flourish.