Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fantasy Couple/Couple or Trouble/Couple in Trouble


Whatever you call it, the show is the same. Slippery title aside, this is a gem.

It is now available on E-Bay, where you're likely to get burned on the price due to auction fever and shipping cost, HK Flix, where you'll get the best deal, YesAsia, or Amazon.com.

This is a Region 0 (all region) version. Good for you MBC, now you're cookin' with gas. (This has been corrected. The post originally stated the set is region 1. My aploigies. To those in the know...Mercury is Retrograde.)

E-Bay? Anybody's guess. (NOTE:Auction ended at $72.00 + $7.25 postage. A whopping savings of .70 below HK Flix, without the safty of a real live company guarantee (seller did promise to replace defective discs).
Hk Flix: $79.95 + Free Shipping in U.S. PRICE CHANGE: $80.95 + Free Shipping U.S.
YesAsia: $89.99 + Probably Free Shipping globally.
Amazon: $99.99 + Free Shipping PRICE CHANGE: $89.99 + Free Shipping
Easiest returns for defective merchandise: Amazon
Unless your brain is sleeping, you know I recommend HK Flix.

In addition to giving the best price this time around, they are wonderful to deal with. They stand behind their products, sell very good all-region DVD equipment, are friendly and helpful, and have an incredible DVD inventory covering everything imaginable. They're the apple of my eye.

Other perks available are the informative newsletter currently offering a 5 day long 10% discount on ALL DVD's by clicking a link in the letter, by the way. They also give a few Flix Bux for customer reviews they post. Flix Bux are handy to put toward future shipping, or a DVD you might want. And they do add up.

I want to point out here, my comments re E-Bay are not a slam against them or their sellers. BUT, I do feel a lot safer buying from people I've come to know and trust. like HK Flix. I have had fairly extensive communication with them, and you do get to know each other that way.

They keep the customer informed about the status of an order, they pack shipments like the professionals they are, and they ship quickly for the most part. I've never waited weeks for a package as I have at times through other sources.

I buy wherever I get the best deal. I'm not a blind follower. But common sense tends to be the deciding factor in most of my dealings online. Common sense dictates HK Flix is the best place for buying Fantasy Couple.

Check out their inventory, and their comments regarding some of the things they sell. At times these people are so brutally honest and funny, they completely crack me up. I love funny smart people.

Go shop. ;)

A few words regarding the Bloodhound of the Universe, Linda A. of New York. The photo of September 5, 2007, which is labeled as "locale unknown", was ID'ed by Linda as coming from the set of A Second Proposal. The fence surrounding the swimming pool was her clue. Good work Linda, you go girl! Thanks a million.


Mailyn said...

Hi! First of all I wanted to say thanks for including a lnk to the fanlisting! Oh Ji Ho is such a sweetheart, he's so handsome and he's a really good actor. I wish more people new about him and he got the rcognition he deserves.

Second, I LOVE this drama! I have it as well as My Wife is a Gangster 3 and my mom and I found it hilarious. I highly recommend it to everyone. ^__^

I love your site. Keep up the great work!


Hyacinth said...

Well my dear, you're still on the planet!

Nice to see you. I was beginning to wonder. I had joined your list, but never seemed to have been accepted.

Maybe I am by now.

Have been down with wrist problems and not typing much.

You're very welcome to the links.

You keep well now!