Sunday, December 23, 2007

SBS MINISERIES - LEAD (미니시리즈 부문 연기상)

This text re the SBS nominees for best lead male and female actors of their 2007 miniseries was graciously supplied by Linda A. from New York.

Linda is a loyal fan and supporter of Oh Ji Ho. She is an active and most valued member of the Oh Ji Ho International Fan Club.

As always, I am in your debt Lin. Thank you for this contribution.

Male 남자:
Kim Sang-joong 김상중 (My Man's Woman 내 남자의 여자)
Ryu Soo-young 류수영 (Bad Couple 불량커플)
Oh Ji-ho 오지호 (Get Karl Oh Soo-jung! 칼잡이 오수정)
Yoo Joon-sang 유준상 (Catch A Kang Nam Mother 강남엄마 따라잡기)
Yoon Kye-sang 윤계상 (Crazy For Love 사랑에 미치다)

Female 여자:
Bae Doo-na 배두나 (How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor 완벽한 이웃을 만나는 법)
Uhm Jung Hwa 엄정화 (Get Karl Oh Soo-jung! 칼잡이 오수정)
Lee Mi-yeon 이미연 (Crazy For Love 사랑에 미치다)
Jang Jin-young 장진영 (Lobbyist 로비스트)
Ha Hee-ra 하희라 (Catch A Kang Nam Mother 강남엄마 따라잡기)

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