Thursday, February 14, 2008

News from far away...

Article beautifully translated by A. Ho. And oh, what a relief it is! I can understand it...a great novelty!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, AND, I am certain the English speakers who come to this site are thrilled as much as I am.

Single papa, Oh Ji Ho, and his boy met the press on Tuesday. Other main characters were also present at the ‘Single Papa in Love’ news conference.

Oh plays Kang Poong Ho who works as a pest exterminator during the day and a K-1 fighter at night. He expressed that ‘Single Papa’ was the toughest project that he had taken on since he joined the show business. The boxing scenes were as long as twenty hours. His left thumb was fractured when he was shooting one of them. He was sent for massage treatment and acupuncture instantly.

Though working on ‘Single Papa in Love’ was physically demanding, Oh said, ‘Fortunately, the boxing scenes only appear in four episodes of the series. After that, the focus is shifted to my son and me. (The story then put) more emphasis on the relationship between Heo Yi Jao, the leading actress, and me.’

(Adapted and translated from an article published in the Apple Daily, Hong Kong, dated 13th Feb., 2008))

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