Friday, April 04, 2008

Catching up a bit...

The mailing address for Oh Ji Ho's birthday cards and any other notes or cards is:

오지호 - Mr. Oh Ji Ho
376-28 Hapjeong-dong Mapo-gu
Seoul – Republic of Korea 121-884

Thanks for your participation in the poll. The results were 99 votes. 99 YES! Way to go!

New stuff to enjoy with your morning tea or coffee:

April Fool's Day came and went, but didn't leave quietly. Oh Ji Ho's Cyworld blog contained a message directing fans to a different address for the purpose of sending cards and gifts.

It appears possible Oh Ji Ho did not write this message himself, since as Linda pointed out, it wasn't signed "Zio" at the bottom of the post. HOWEVER, I know he's funny, and if he did post it there, his sense of humor is alive and well.

The post was first brought to my attention by Linda, who spends a lot of time digging around, and is a great source of info.

I owe thanks to "B" for letting me know it was a joke, before her little son pushed her off her chair to get her away from the computer, thereby cutting her letter off. Thanks much B, you're a national treasure.

Finally kirra12ppil, who has been extremely dedicated to promoting Single Papa through her great efforts, told me more regarding the text of the mystery message. It goes as follows.

"because I'm too far (or unable) to pick up the presents at Star Empire from Zionism, please send them here."

He gave the address in Korean, then he wrote,

"if you don't write Korean, this will do', then gave the address in English.

The address appears to have something to do with adult entertainment. (If that idea offends you, read the above with your eyes closed.)

As if all that were not enough, the pranks continued into the late hours, with a phone call to the producer of "Papa" stating Oh Ji Ho had collapsed on the set from exhaustion. The producer raced to the hospital where the scene was being filmed, to find everyone laughing it up. Got You! April Fool!

I don't know about you, but all this woke me up. I laughed all day on the 2nd. I love it when things go slightly crazy. A little bit of madness is good for the soul.

Meanwhile, Linda continued to dig like a Terrier, and came up with this prize. A touch of backstage. Thanks Lin, as always.

Click image to enlarge.

That's it for the moment.
Love and kisses,

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ida said...

hi there! i tink oh ji ho's reali HOT! i just finished watching Karl vs Oh Soo Jung! its FANTASTIC! btw im frm s'pore and they just aired tat drama, so we are a lil behind..but nonetheless, i truly enjoyed the drama! =D

i bet single papa will be just as awesome! luking forward to it.. =)