Sunday, April 20, 2008

Your Favorite Photos "Elegance"


Special Notes April 23,2008:
Remember, this Poll is about ELEGANCE, not to be confused with sexy. You can change your vote as long as the poll is running. Sexy comes later. :-)

You can easily see results by clicking "Show results" right under the poll. I have no control over color or format so you also need to left click, and run your pointer over the highlighted areas. You can then see the results of your votes clearly (somewhat).

Your opinions are valuable to me. I hope you enjoy these polls, because they speak for you.

Select your favorite picture from these, and vote for it in the new poll (right side of screen).

The winning photo will be featured on the front page of the "Oh Ji Ho International Fan Club" site on May 1, 2008.

This group is based on Oh Ji Ho's ability to display "Elegance".

Thanks for your vote!

Click images to enlarge.

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