Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cyworld's Back In Town!

Oh Ji Ho's Cyworld Homepage is back, up and running. It has a new look, but it's the same Zio.

His comments, which are sometimes very funny, are in Korean only. The tabs are now labeled in English, making the site easier to navigate.

There are many photos there to enjoy. Hop to it:

He has moved on to a new management agency, Heavenly Star Entertainment. There is a new address, which is permanantly posted to your right.

This is it for quick reference now.

Mr. Oh Ji Ho
Heavenly Star Entertainemnt
35-7 Nonhyun-dong,
Kangnam-gu,Seoul 135-815,South Korea

The address will always be posted in the sidebar, just above "About Me".

It would be nice of you to send him a note wishing him well with his new management agency.

Changes are always expensive in some way. Starting up again is not easy, so let's make an effort on his behalf, and let him know we're out here, standing by him, and standing for him.

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ice_cosy said...

Hi Hyacinth

Thank you for your effort in gathering all these updates. I'll definitely drop a note to spur him on. :)

Btw, is there anyway we could convey the message to him or his agency that we hope to have English translation to his blog? Really hope to know more about him through his blog.

Thank you!

Hyacinth said...

How's it going?

I definitely think we need to press for English at the Cyworld blog.

Mention it in your note to him.

I believe the time has come for a new mail campaign. We should gather a lot of people who want to be able to read it in English, and have them request it in English.

I'll work on it.
Stay cool...

ice_cosy said...

Hi Hyacinth

Thanks alot. Will definitely mentioned that in my mail :)

Lets work towards it!

Hyacinth said...

Good for you! We'll work on it.