Friday, June 20, 2008

Everyone Loves Chocolate

"Chocolate", is the name of a program which is broadcast in Korea on SBS.

Oh Ji Ho and V.O.S. recently appeared on the show. The web is flooded with photos of the event, but this one is not shown prominently.

I selected it because it amuses me for a number of reasons, one being, an avid fan, a watermelon in the audience, cheering Zio on as any good watermenlon would. Another is the lavender/purple streak down Oh Ji Ho's back, causing him to look as though he's had a rest in a paint pot.
Click image to enlarge.

For those who do not have a sense of the absurd, or a sense of humor, I will point out it is a fluke of the light, and is actually someone's head that only looks like a watermelon. And of course, for those easily offended by any humor regarding Mr. Oh, I do know it's stage lighting. Lighten up...this site is here to inform and amuse.

On the business side with a tad less glamor, Oh Ji Ho's contract with Tremolo has been renewed. It never hurts to make money.

If you go to the Tremolo site, this popup will greet you. First popup I've ever seen that didn't irritate me.

Re my prolonged absence: In May I had a fall, and sustained some injuries. Obviously it didn't kill me, and I'm doing okay. And even though there are some out there who wish I would disolve or disintegrate, I am still here. Or, I was the last time I looked anyway...

You may laugh now.

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