Monday, October 27, 2008

Back half on foot over the cliff

Dear viewers,
I have generally gone out of my way to avoid personal situations or data to enter this blog. I am not always so disciplined. I do think it is obvious I have been away for longer than anticipated. To those loyal souls who stuck with it for so long, I say Thank You for your loyalty. My reason for absence is private, but I do apologize for not updating a return date for you. I didn't know when, or even if, I would resume maintaining this site.

At this point it's a matter of personal desire. Any feeling this is obligatory for me turns it into the kiss of death. If I can proceed pressure free, things will probably return to normal...whatever that is.

While I'm chatting along, allow me to introduce Marianne to you. Marianne has become a loyal follower of this blog, and is most welcome. She COOKS. She cooks KOREAN FOOD. You must see her blogs. Chopsticks optional.

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