Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cool Series 2

There is YouTube clip posted by zionizm. It is approximately 10 minutes long. It is the last part of the "Cool Series". You will find it directly below.

I made some screen caps for anyone not wishing to view the clip due to slow Internet connection, or any other reason for that matter.
Philip does not seem pleased by the conversation. For those not interested or able to view the clip, he gets disgusted and walks out on the group.



marianne said...

hello there! nice to read something new here. hmm... if i'm not mistaken, this must be in 2001? i haven't seen this one though.

oh, thanks for asking... yep, i'm feeling better now. and you know, when i'm down or lonely, i just pick out one korean drama from my collection, and after watching a few episodes, it makes me forget and it makes me smile. i might say, that it's an addiction already! oh, and i do love their movies too. and by watching it regularly, i could even read and write hangul already, but i'm no expert yet, the thing is, i cand read and write but i don't know the translation of the words. i might have to get a dictionary to really learn the language.

i posted some new recipes and those are what i prepared in the New Year, my friends loved it!

hope to hear from you again, sorry i always write a long letter... ;)

Hyacinth said...

Hi Marianne,
Cool was aired during the summer of 2001.

I use movies in general as antidepressants. I suffer from severe depression that lasts a long time occasionally. They always work.

If i was skinny I would eat, but I control that. :)

I'll have to take look at your new recipes.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for coming by.
*hugs back to you*