Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it ever easy? No.

You can call this the After Single Papa Syndrome.

Single Papa was a nightmare. After having watched the depressing ratings that seemed to go nowhere but down, a case of pre production jitters hit me. I even dreamed last night about the making of the upcoming drama.

The dream was absurd.

Oh Ji Ho was walking the dog in a park, and decided to allow it to run a bit without a leash. The dog looked up at Oh Ji Ho, Oh Ji Ho looked down at the dog in disgust because he didn't like walking him for bathroom purposes.

Then the dog took off like a bat out of hell.

They were both running full speed ahead, but the dog, being younger and a non-smoker, had the advantage, and left Oh Ji Ho in the dust. Finally they both slowed down, with Oh Ji Ho gasping and swearing at the dog, and the dog giving Oh Ji Ho amused dog looks.

He lay in the grass panting slightly as Oh Ji Ho wheezed his way toward him. Just as he was about to dive onto the dog and attach the leash, the dog took off again.

By this time Oh Ji Ho was out of patience. Any concern for his image went out the window. He let loose a stream of rant, finishing off with a statement along the lines, the dog farted too much, had bad breath, shed hair all over the place, peed on his favorite shoes, and wasn't even fit to eat, let alone be on TV.

Of course there was a large audience for this mini comedy/drama. The inevitable cluster of ajummas were scandalized to the extent they started yelling at Oh Ji Ho, and saying, "Boycott the new drama. This man is not nice to dogs!"

I woke up with the thought in my mind..."I'm going to go kill myself..." Then I started laughing in wary relief. "It Was just a dream", I said.

HOWEVER, there is a rumble in the land:

Media Workers Launch General Strike
Thursday, February 26, 2009 18:59:40

The National Union of Media Workers has launched a general strike in protest of the ruling camp’s introduction of bills seeking revisions to media laws.

Starting at 6 am Thursday, unionists of the Munwha Broadcasting Corporation, one of the nation’s major TV networks, began boycotting production. Nonunion members are filling the vacancies left by workers who are on strike.

Unionized members of the Seoul Broadcasting System also decided they will join the strike if the media bills make their way to a plenary session of the National Assembly. Unionized workers at EBS, YTN and CBS are also deciding when to join the strike and what their level of participation will be.

Union workers at KBS who withdrew from the National Union of Media Workers last year also denounced the GNP's unilateral introduction of the media bills. In a statement on Thursday, the KBS union said it will hold a vote on March second on whether to join the strike. The statement said it will immediately launch a general strike if the GNP puts the bills to a vote at a plenary session of the National Assembly.

The 22 media reform bills would allow major newspapers and conglomerates to own broadcasting companies, including cable TV networks. They would also be allowed to own between a 30 and 49 percent stake in news-only cable channels and other cable networks that will offer a complete range of programming, including news and entertainment.

The GNP says revisions to media laws are necessary to respond to the changing media environment and to create jobs. But opposition parties and critics of the media bills say they would result in the monopolization of media markets by a handful of conservative newspapers and conglomerates.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio LINK

Let's all keep our fingers crossed, and be nice to dogs. March 9, 2009 was a bad day astrologically. March 16, 2009 is much better. I want to believe things will work out well. I have a feeling that it will, but after Papa, I, as I said above, do have the jitters.

And to all, a good night.


marianne said...

hmm, interesting dream you have there. well, let's just hope for the best that they may have good ratings this time. and no matter waht, i still love seeing Ji-ho on screen :) have a nice weekend!

Hyacinth said...

Ohhh, my dreams. They're often very strange, and sometimes predictive.

I do feel 'good' about this production. Just a vibe. Hope it's accurate.

You have a good weekend too.