Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I do or don’t know…

The new MBC mini drama/comedy Queen of Housewives, apparently centers around three couples. One couple, played by Oh Ji Ho and Kim Nam Joo, brings the pair together again after nearly a decade.

They were co-stars in the movie I Love You, an intense story which brought out a lot of angst in the characters.

I felt they worked well together, and look forward to seeing them in an entirely different setting.

Oh Ji Ho will be playing a spouse who dabbles in infidelity, which is bound to outrage some, and drive others to engage in wild fantasizing. Whatever rings your bell.

Rather than being the weighty and critically moralistic vehicle Autumn Shower was, it’s possible this work will put a lighter spin on the cheating heart (and other parts, etc.) factor since it is a slice of life, and who among us hasn’t been lured or tempted by one thing or another?

There is a description of the show which I just came across at K-popped. I would call it a pretty good short synopsis, written with wit. Check it out. LINK

So far, Dramawiki has minimal data other than cast listing and scheduled time.


marianne said...

hey there... after reading this, i should say this is an interesting drama. i feel like this is a serious one, but i love watching him in romantic comedies, how about you? but still, it's good to see him once again! have a great day! *hugs*

Hyacinth said...

Hi Marianne,

I don't think this will be as serious as it could be. She might just hit him on the head with a frying pan. Who knows?

I read it was classified as comedy/drama, but so was the last one, which I didn't watch. I know that one was a tearjerker.