Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News, Bad News

First the bad news.
Regarding the photos from La Belle I have been working on; unfortunately they will not be posted at this time. Due to a glitch in my computer, all the still photos I had gathered over a period of weeks have been lost. It is too labor intensive to redo, and may never be again.

When I lost them, I was frustrated and angered. Then I thought it out, and said to myself, this is Kismet, fate. I was not meant to post these photos. There was so much involved and it was so difficult at times. It seems there is a reason not to have them out.

Sorry to let you down.

The good news? The ratings for the new show look solid. That's a cause for celebration, and a nice birthday gift to him, also supplied by the fates. It's time Oh Ji Ho got a powerful shot of good luck.


marian said...

oh, that's really bad. i am also furious when something really bad happens to my computer. but i hope you'll get it fixed real soon. and for the good news, that's really GOOD! i juts wish it would be shown here in my country too. it's been too long, since they had a drama of Oh Ji-ho. anyways, have a good day! :)

Hyacinth said...

Hi Marian,
The computer is okay. I now suspect irreversible human error...and fate(?). I must have been on the Moon when I did something more stupid than usual.