Friday, September 04, 2009

Oh Ji Ho, a lot sexy, and a little bit dangerous...

Featured in Esquire Magazine (Korea) September 2009, Oh Ji Ho shows his new stuff.

Groove on it.

Click images to enlarge.

If there is any danger of your forgetting yesterdays, there's this gem to keep your mind clear.


Samira said...

nice blog
thanks for ur comment


samira said...

nice weblog
thanks for ur comment


Anonymous said...

hi dear ann.tank you for your little dear ann can you get me an e-mail address from your self?i have many question from you...tank you so much honey...(SARAH)

marian said...

hi ann!

sorry that i have been gone a long while. i had a mild stroke last august and i've been doing well since then.

so, how have you been? i've missed looking at Ji-ho's photos, but i'm glad to see these latest ones. you always get us updated on what's going on around him.

and this new drama that you've mentioned, i wish i could watch it or maybe grab a dvd of it for me myself! :-)

thanks for always keeping us updated. keep up the good work and the nice photos. :)

Bahareh said...

Hi Dear ANN, Where are you?
you're not here these days.
Is there any problem?
I like to have news from you.

Hyacinth said...

Hello Samira,
Thanks for dropping by. I hope your site is going well.

Best wishes to you.

Hyacinth said...

Dear Sarah,
I don't want to put my email address up here. I'm sorry, and also it would not be fair to the other visitors.

I don't have very much time for mail these days.

I do appreciate your interest in this blog, and maybe I'll write about things you are curious about in the future.

You can ask all the questions you want to in comments and I will try to answer them.

Be well little sister,

Hyacinth said...

My dear Marian,
I am so sorry about your health situation, but I am happy to hear you are improving.


Hyacinth said...

Dear Bahareh,
I guess you know now, things have been less than good with me. Thank you so much for your concern.