Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Mystery Solved

In regard to photo #9 posted at "I have no idea"
"J" says: "It says he's getting a slipped disc looked in #9. Not hemorrhoids. LOL."

Why J.! (Jane is it? Yes? No?) What on earth leads you to imagine I was thinking of Hemorrhoids? Oh mercy me...

I thought he was getting a tattoo on his rear end.

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Bahareh said...

Hi Dear Ann,
J! what will be happened if Oh Ji Ho read your comment??!! :D :D
I'm laughing and I cant write more... :D

Hyacinth said...

Hi dear!
He would laugh. I posted your comment, so maybe "J" will see it.

Hope you are doing well. It snowed here today. Everything is white. It's very beautiful.
Warm wishes to you,

Bahareh said...

Thanks dear Ann for your respond. I love snowing weather very very much. but in Iran the weather is very unsteady. the days are almost warm and nights are cool. I hope beautiful days for you.
Best regards

Hyacinth said...

It has snowed furiously here. Many inches. Above the knees in fact.

It's caused complications in a lot of areas, but is still beautiful to see.

Keep warm in the cool evenings.
As ever,