Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh Ji Ho - Mister Clean

Hot or not...
I don't know how you feel about the change in Oh Ji Ho's appearance, but I love it. He looks as though he's having fun with it too. It makes me wonder what the people at Tremolo are feeling about it all. Their photos are for the purpose of selling their line, and the model is not allowed to detract from the garments.

This is beautiful. But is he sexy?
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Now, if THIS man was walking along the street, and gave you the smile, would you say, "Humph", and walk away feeling annoyed, or would you flirt with him?

This is HOT. No question about it.


Bahareh said...

I will certainly flirt with him
:D :D :D
But with him in the first photo! Because I like positive men and I was scared with his second photo :D

Hyacinth said...

I always liked dangerous men of high intelligence. They never bored me, and usually turned out to be less dangerous in reality, and more independent of society.