Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh Ji Ho - The Invisible Man…

Or just a man gone to ground? That is a question that rises in my mind as I watch the deadly silence in Korean news searches.

I have never gone on the hunt and come up empty in the past. Suddenly, for seven days, there is absolutely nothing new.

In the past, if he flossed his teeth, some reporter was telling the world about it, and posting a photo along with the big breaking piece of news that, yes, Oh Ji Ho did indeed floss his teeth, but also, it was known that he did so on a daily basis.

There’s more talk about dead people in the news than there is about the living in this case. So, what gives?

Voluntary blackout, or obliteration by the mean and nasty powers that be, who tremble in their well polished shoes at the thought of pickle faced ajumma disapproval? Tsk, tsk.

Oh Ji Ho has a blog that has been attributed to him. It’s been cleared out of most content, but this remains.

Click to enlarge.
Why that and not this?

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Or this?

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Or, what about this very lonely picture?

Kind of gets to you, doesn't it? Click to enlarge.

Oh, gee, I almost forgot. Some statistics. Don’t run away. This isn’t boring.

From January 21, 2007 to February 22, 2007 there were 133,288 hits on the counter of that blog. Now, was that boring?

If you're ambitious enough, you can check the figures yourself. Be my guest. Click right here.

Who is eradicating Oh Ji Ho?

We could ask Star Empire Entertainment of Seoul Korea. They are his representatives. Surely they have some kind of answer. After all, he has been paying them for their services. And very good services they are too. No, I cannot complain about the quality of service he has received from them in the past.

He certainly has shown more confidence in himself, he seems to be more at ease in front of an audience, he sings, he moves around with the music…nice.

Star Empire Entertainment did that for him. A new improved Oh Ji Ho. What a shame it would be to discover that like God, Star Empire Entertainment giveth, and, like God, Star Empire Entertainment taketh away.

Oh, tell me it isn’t so. Care to rise to that challenge S.E.E.? Do it. I’ll publish your statement in English, AND just because I’m one of the good guys with the white hat, I’ll put it up in Korean too. How’s that?

Now, ladies and gentlemen, listen to the long silence. You can almost hear a pin drop, can’t you?


Anonymous said...

where do you get these photos/images of him? thanks for posting them.

Hyacinth said...

Dear anon,
Thank you for coming by to visit.

Unfortunately I am unable to disclose my sources for photos of Oh Ji Ho.

I'm very glad that you enjoy them though. You are always welcome here.

seoul_searching said...

Hyacinth, i think ur right...