Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dear anonymous commenter,

I guess you're what we'd call a neitzen. Well, let me ammend that. Nice people would call you a netizen, what I'd call you I won't put up here out of respect for my readers.

You say that you have first hand information that Mr.Oh is a liar, that he's lied a couple of times. Hmmm. But I notice you don't nave a name, you have no relaible source to quote, and you seem to be someone who could really use the advice, "get a life". Get off the web, go see a shrink. You're a warped individual who could really use some help before your bowels get into such a twist, you'll never be able to relieve yourself again. You'll drown in your own feces.

See the advantage of moderated comments? AND, I even have a record of every isp number that enters this site.

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