Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greetings Night Hawks: Oh Ji Ho Suffers Back Pain During Production

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From there to here in one painful wrench?
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It has been reported by various Korean online news services, Oh Ji Ho is suffering some pain due to a back problem. Back trouble may be from a former injury suffered during another period while working on an earlier project.

At this point, I am uncertain of anything concrete due to poor translations via web. As soon as I know more, you'll know more.

Linda A. pointed me in the direction of an article yesterday, but it was unspecific as to the type of pain he is suffering.

This data was gathered from My Daily. It seems Oh Ji Ho is working in spite of the pain and use of painkillers.

He is being cheered on by his very important co-star, TV son, An Do Gyu.
If you want to send a note or card to Oh Ji Ho wishing him a speedy recovery, and showing him your support and affection as fans, you may do so by mailing it to his agency, Star Empire. The address is at the bottom of their pages. The site is multilingual (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English). The link below is to the English page.

For Address Click Here!
Please keep notes brief and in good taste.

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