Friday, February 01, 2008

News about Oh Ji Ho trickles down, but

...just how accurate is it?

That is the question.

I've searched all over from one place to another, and have looked at any number of news articles in Korean (translated insanely by a computer program). Lotsa luck on that one. Forget it.

BUT, I did come up with comments regarding radiating hip pain; the effect of the cold damp weather Seoul has been experiencing lately; and also some injury to one of Oh Ji Ho's fingers.

HOWEVER, the following photos were taken on the 31st of January, and there is no evidence of any sort of bandage or splint on either hand, so I have to post the finger injury report as unsubstantiated. Sorry about that.

These photos were found at Soompi, and also came in from Linda A. a short while later. The original source is KBS (obviously), but many thanks go out to Celest of Soompi, and to the ever diligent Linda A.

Click images to enlarge.

Cast members offering prayers for success of the show.

In the true tradition of show business everywhere, "The Must Show Go On". The firm start date (at this moment) in Korea, is February 18, 2008. Let's all hope nothing happens to delay the appearance of this program so many are looking forward to.

That's it for now.


Rookie blogger said...

Sorry to learn that Mr. Oh is unwell. Hope that a speedy recovery ensued.

I came across an article,from Apple Daily of Hong Kong in Chinese language, on Mr. Oh injury.

The boxing scenes of 'Single Papa in Love' has been causing pain to Mr. Oh's back due to his condition of hip gout. Not long before, his left thumb was injured when he was shooting another boxing scene. When he took off the boxing gloves, he found that his left thumb wasNonetheless, he continued to work because he did not want to upset the filming schedule.

At least two Hong Kong's Chinese language newspapers carried Oh's story. He is becoming more popular in the territory.

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