Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Papa - Photos From Press Call

This photo had very poor color, and there was nothing could do with it, therefore I indulged in my fondness for black and white.
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The photos below were also in color originally but had yellow splotches which I could do nothing about. Rather than have Oh Ji Ho look like a calico cat, I opted for Black and white.

The photo above is one Linda and I both found while out digging.

Thanks to Linda for this one!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to this site...and the person behind it...i really appreciate your great works of passion about our favorite actor who hails from S.Korea---thanks for the photos and the latest updates about his KDramas...i'm looking forward to see his new drama "Single Dad in Love"...too bad it would not be aired in the Philippines---Thanks anyway to the new technology---I would be able to download the miniseries...
More power and thanks to the creator of this site

Hyacinth said...

Thank you for your kind and friendly words.

I am so happy to hear from people who enjoy this site.

Perhaps at a later time you will be able to see "Single Dad..." on TV in the Philippines.

I read once that someone was finally seeing an older drama with Oh Ji Ho, and she was very happy it was being aired there even though it was so late in coming.

Enjoy this site, and enjoy seeing the new drama through amazing technology!

Best wishes,