Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Papa at Press Conference

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Oh Ji Ho looks wonderful in this beautiful shot, thanks to Osen’s great photography.

Since there is still very little in-depth information on the physical problems he's been dealing with, I consider it a piece of news still alive and pending, and am waiting for data to appear. It will. Sometimes the least likely places have good info.

Meanwhile, we can see that he looks good, and he seems to be having fun at the press call. That's not always the case.

The program is very close to airing, and the buzz is in the air about it. Your job is to send up a gigantean wish for success...take a deep breath, put your heart into it, now wish...and exhale.

Good job.

It has been snowing here all day. I'm going back to bed to watch the last few episodes of Get Karl. More pics tomorrow.

Be good.

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