Friday, February 01, 2008

Real words at last!

A. Ho, a new viewer, and valued contributor, has been kind enough to send some real news regarding Oh Ji Ho's injuries.
"Sorry to learn that Mr. Oh is unwell. Hope that a speedy recovery ensued.

"I came across an article,from Apple Daily of Hong Kong in Chinese language, on Mr. Oh injury."

Article qouted by A. Ho:

The boxing scenes of 'Single Papa in Love' have been causing pain to Mr. Oh's back due to his condition of hip gout.

Not long before, his left thumb was injured when he was shooting another boxing scene.

When he took off the boxing gloves, he found that his left thumb was broken.

Nonetheless, he continued to work because he did not want to upset the filming schedule.
End of article quoted.
A. Ho continues:
"At least two Hong Kong's Chinese language newspapers carried Oh's story. He is becoming more popular in the territory."

All the credit in the world, with more thanks than I can express goes to you A. Ho. I am in your debt. Accept my bow please, and my smile.

For A. Ho's direct comment, see "News about Oh Ji Ho trickles down, but" and click "comments" link below post.

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