Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Words from Linda

This is from Linda. I got it this morning:

"Single Papa is still suffering from low ratings the public is missing out.

I really feel for him, still I believe he will be nominated based on the content and his performance.

Ann - If this had been positioned right it would be a great accomplishment for his career.

We both know he needs a hit series and this was it.

I don't know what will happen after this is over unless there is a change in viewing."

Linda and I are women of adult age. We are far from being air-headed little girls with a crush on an actor. We've both had experience with the entertainment field, but from different angles and positions.

We both understood instantly what the ratings in Korea will do to any program aired there. Low ratings decrease the chances of sponsorship radically. (Sponsorship is EVERYTHING. TV is all about money. That's the ugly, shallow truth.)

Without sponsorship, a program stands a chance of cancellation before it ends. In the case of KBS, this probably won't happen.

BUT, this site is for and about Oh Ji Ho, and our specific concern regards his career and the hit it may take due to the disastrous scheduling of this program. We are also sensitive to the effects on the entire cast, writer, director, etc. Everyone involved suffers from the fallout generated by low ratings.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums it up very neatly. That is precisely why I am urging you to write to KBS.

It doesn't matter if you're in Singapore, London, Calgary, or tha Bronx. You don't have to be in Korea to care. You understand the situation. You have been reading about it here.

If you are a "fan" or supporter of Oh Ji Ho's, WRITE and express yourself about how you feel. Stony, injured silence only works in movies. This is real life. Start howling.

Mr. Jung Yun-joo
18 Yoido-dong Youngdungpo-gu Seoul 150-790, Korea

Some photos Linda sent with her letter will be added to this post shortly. While you're waiting, WRITE.

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