Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh Ji Ho Visits Seoul National University Hospital

Many thanks to Linda A. for this English translated (AT LAST! FINALLY) KBS article and the photos following the text. Gold Star work Lin!

Oh Ji Ho and and Ahn Do-gyu Visit Seoul National University Hospital

Actors Oh Ji-ho and Ahn Do-gyu, who play father and son, respectively, on the KBS 2TV Mon/Tues drama "Single Dad in Love," regularly meet children with rare illnesses.

On March 11th, Oh Ji-ho visited the children's wing at Seoul National University Hospital where he met 3-year old Ha-neul, who has never been out of the hospital due to a congenital illness called 'tufting enteropathy.' Tufting enteropathy sometimes causes irreversible intestinal failure and prevents patients from absorbing and digesting their food. There are only three people in Korea with this rare disease.

Oh Ji-ho was originally at the hospital for the filming of the the March 15th broadcast of "Love's Request" (KBS 1TV). He stayed in the children's wing long after the shoot was over, making helium-filled balloons for the children and consoling their guardians.

In "Single Dad in Love," Oh Ji-ho plays a character who goes to any length to ensure the care of his son recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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