Sunday, December 07, 2008

Autumn Shower End

A beautiful presentation by 7061b
7061b's YouTube Channel
Time 4:42


Jane said...

Isn't AUTUMN SHOWER a beautiful movie! I simply love the chemistry between ZIO and RJW. /warmest, Jane (JCSF on Soompi)

Hyacinth said...

Hello Jane,
I have often distressed my visitors by remarking Autumn Shower is a K-Drama I am not partial to.

I do make it a policy to give just about everything a second chance though, and have it on the back burner as a should do. It's been sitting on the shelf for years, only partially consumed.

Lucky it's not a fruitcake.

A lot of the time it is a matter of my feelings of the day that cause me not to be receptive to a movie or drama.

I felt he married the wrong woman, but that's K-Drama for you.

I also get very put off by the requisite morality lesson. And the fact is, the couple so criticized didn't exactly leap into the sack together five minutes after the accident.

Autumn Shower certainly brings to mind the Terri Schiavo case. The long drawn out agony factor, watching someone you love shrivel as days go be. (Of course, one does not shrivel in K-Drama.)

I'm doubly put off by the way many viewers place themselves in the seat of judgment, constantly berating him for being unfaithful, usually followed up by the absurd statement, "I would never do that".

I've come to understand over the years, never is a long time.

I posted this clip for the pleasure of my visitors, but in partially previewing it, I found the music to be very lovely.

Thank you for dropping by.