Sunday, December 07, 2008


A couple of Oh Ji Ho's works are always being searched for.
One is the movie, I Love You. It is frequently out of stock, some sites list it as out of print.
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This is a site called eSiam DVD
The link to the store is
The direct link to the product is:
I Love You is in stock there as of this notice (December 7, 2008)

It is also available at 1StopMovie.Com - Best Buy
Direct link to product:
This item is listed as Temporarily Out of Stock. I suspect they will be getting it in again. Keep checking there if interested.

The second is the full-size K-Drama, A Second Proposal.
To my knowledge, due to copyright law and KBS's propriety policy, it is only available through them.

KBS America click product page at the site. The price is very high. $89.99 USD, plus rather salty shipping charges. If you really want to own it, bite the bullet and get for yourself for Christmas.

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