Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Get Karl, Oh Su Jung NEW VERSION

It just goes to show you...if you wait nearly forever, something good comes along. Hopefully you stay alive to enjoy it if you're over 1000 years old.

There is a new version of Get Karl, Oh Su Jung on the market. It is out of Malaysia, and may very well have good English subtitles. How could they be worse than the other version currently available to the western audience? The idea refuses to form fully in my mind as I suffer from acute lousy subtitleitis.

This version bears the title, "Oh Su Jung VS Karl", as you can see from the photo.

My suggested merchant is HKFlix. They are coming in at $39.95 USD. I've seen it listed as high as $89.99 (insane price).

The economy shipping cost is $2.95 USD. You can upgrade to $3.95 USD if you're in a hurry to buy. Orders over $49.00 are shipped free via economy mail. If you purchase there, as you are checking out, all shipping options are clearly posted.

I think this is the best deal you're going to get for this set. You might find it cheaper on eBay, but the postage will probably put you in the poorhouse.

Direct link to item: http://www.hkflix.com/xq/asp/filmID.546500/qx/details.htm


david said...

hi. can you post oh's nude pics? where can i find them?

Hyacinth said...

I do not post nude photos here, as many of the viewers are from very conservative Eastern countries, and could find it offensive.

I believe it's important to respect the visitors to the site.

There are some fairly standard shots spread out across the web.

You might consider purchasing a copy of La Belle. HKFlix is still stocking it. See sidebar for link.

Thank you for your comment.

marianne said...

i do have a copy that has very good subtitles and it made me understand the drama more and i watched it twice! but yes, there are dramas that have subtitles that are really indescribable. i haven't seen his latest one though. :)

Hyacinth said...

Hi Marianne!
Hope you are feeling well.

Oh, for me, subtitles are all. I can't begin to "get" what a story is really about without good subs.

I've tried and tried.

The version from Malaysia is 99%. It's very good, and the picture is excellent also.

I'm so glad I bought it. The discs are very pretty too.

Have you cooked anything fabulous lately?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Be well, and Happy New Year!