Wednesday, March 11, 2009

# 1 Pop Quiz, #2 Something to Think About!

Special Note: Initials-of visitors w/correct answers. KG

#1 This is a screen capture from La Belle. Question: Is there something funny about the picture? Answer on the right hand side at the Poll just under the Bulletin Board.

If you do see something funny, and you want to describe it, leave a comment at the bottom of this entry where you see the word, "comments".
Click image to enlarge.

#2 Something to think about.

The photo below is also a screen capture from La Belle. For my new project, I have been slowly picking up screen captures from the movie. My objective is to post a collection of unedited/uncensored pictures at a different blog.

This blog is set up for everyone to enjoy. Because it is so, I avoid using too many swear words, and try to keep it tasteful.

The La Belle blog is set up for consenting adults. You must agree to a statement regarding your understanding of the contents, and click a button to get in. The only thing that does, is keep me from being harrassed about nudity, etc.

If a visitor has been warned they might see a buttock, he/she can't really go screaming to Google because I showed them said buttock. The photo below has been edited by cropping. It will be at the other blog in it's entirity.
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KG said...

Hmmm the headless, armless statues?

Hyacinth said...

Yes. I find it very amusing too.

I don't think anyone will see this answer, so I'll just get it posted to you.

Thanks for visiting!